Joeboy Stares Down the Apocalypse in 'Call' Video

Joeboy’s breakout single was “Baby,” an airy track that zipped along as the singer enthusiastically ticked off items on a romantic wish-list: “I wanna love you like nobody else ever did;” “I want to be the only you wanna talk to;” “I wanna be the guy, [the] only one that you want to see.”

“Call,” Joeboy’s latest single, also comes packed with promises of affection, but it’s sturdy and earnest where “Baby” was breezy. A lot of that has to do with the bass line, courtesy of the producer Dëra, which rumbles in three-note bursts, adding muscle to the singer’s entreaties. Joeboy also writes a gorgeous hook, rushing and multi-tracked, that provides a tender counterpoint to the hard-nosed rhythm section. 

In the new video for the single, the singer races to rescue a damsel in distress as a fearsome-looking storm appears on the verge of destroying a city. The woman seems resigned to her grim fate, trapped inside of a school bus, but Joeboy escorts her to safety before suavely donning his sunglasses. 

“Call” will appear on Joeboy’s upcoming debut album, currently untitled, which is due out this summer. Since “Baby” became a hit, the singer has amassed more than 70 million views on YouTube and collaborated with established stars like Mr. Eazi and Mayorkun. 

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