Joel Dommett admits his wife got him a sperm test as a gift and it was so fun

Joel Dommett got a sperm test for his 35th birthday to make sure he had enough swimmers to be a dad.

The Masked Singer host’s wife Hannah Cooper-Dommett bought him the unusual gift for his special day so they could check his sperm count and make sure when the time comes for them to start a family he has no problems with his semen.

He spilled: "Hannah last year for my birthday bought me a sperm test.

"There was a weird thing where she bought me a sperm test and a stud finder, those things that find electrical wires in walls.

"We’re not particularly looking to have children right away, but we just want to prepare ourselves for the moment that we do want to do it, and if it does happen.

"One of the things that so many men neglect is that if you can’t have children, if you do struggle with it then it’s potentially the man’s fault.

"A lot of men would be like, ‘Oh, stuff comes out, so it must be fine,’ you’ve got to take the ego out of it.

"I was like, ‘I should get a sperm test and see the vibes.’"

Joel did contemplate getting his sample with his wife, but ultimately decided that bringing a pot out to collect his semen would not be the most romantic thing to do in the bedroom.

He explained: “It was so fun, there’s something really fun about doing it in a pot. It’s like a little tub and the difficult part was that it said, ‘You’ve got to make sure that all of it goes into the pot.’

"Because it needs all of it, I don’t know why it needs all of it, it can’t go everywhere, and you just get the last drip.

"I’ll be honest I didn’t do it for a really long time, we always laughed about it, and were like, ‘We should do it together,’ but you can’t because it’s weird.

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"There’s never going to be a situation where you’re going to be having a really intimate, really fun time and then you’re like, ‘Excuse me, I’m just going to get this little pot out.’

"It was basically like the Covid test, it’s exactly the same. You have to do loads of different things, so you mix it, and then you mix it with something else and then you put it into like this Covid test and then you wait, it’s absolutely mad.

"It tells you what you’ve got percentage wise, above a certain amount. I was good, man. I was good."

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