Justin Bieber Rapped About Selena Gomez in Drake's New Music Video

It’s New Music Friday, which means there’s a ton of new tracks worthy of your time. You’ve probably already listened to Chloe x Halle’s “Do It” remix and SZA’s “Hit Different,” so it’s time to turn your attention to Drake’s “Popstar” video starring Justin Bieber.

The video whole eight minutes long, so allow me to summarize: The vid starts with DJ Khaled blowing up Drake’s phone, asking him to film a video. Drake is clearly not down to spend any time and energy on it and says, “This guy’s off his rocker. I just, I don’t know what to say. It’s every waking moment that I’m alive. It’s like you give someone everything you have, and they’re just like, ‘Another one.'” Then he has a lightbulb moment and does the classic twin switch. Only, it’s certified pop star Justin Bieber.

The video then pans to Justin waking up the morning after a house party and lip-syncing Drake’s lyrics. As he walks through the mansion, which includes pop art-style portraits of Justin, people still partying, and his manager calling the shots, Justin mouths some lyrics shouting out Selena Gomez:

While it might be a little awkward that Justin mouthed her name in this song, it doesn’t seem to be a jab at her, and Drake clearly wanted Justin to front this video because he’s one of the biggest pop stars out there. Though, perhaps one day in the future, their relationship can just stay in the past.

Selena hasn’t responded to the video, so who knows if she’s even seen it yet or how she feels about it. As of now, she’s simply minding her own business and promoting Rare Beauty, which just launched BTW.

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