Kanye West says I like Hitler, and sees good things in baffling interview

Disgraced rapper Kanye West has admitted he “likes Hitler” in a shocking interview alongside Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

The dad-of-four appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars program on Thursday, making a series of statements, including praise for Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

“You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, you don’t deserve to be called that and demonized,” Jones told Ye.

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Ye then began praising the genocidal German dictator soon after the broadcast began.

“Well, I see good things about Hitler also. I love everyone,” Ye, 45, said in response while wearing a fully hooded mask on the set of Jones’s show.

“And Jewish people are not going to tell me you can love us, and you can love what we’re doing to you with the contracts, and and you can love what we’re pushing with the pornography” while also condemning Hitler, he added, saying “you can’t say out loud that this person ever did anything good, and I’m done with that.”

“Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler,” Ye continued. “Also Hitler was born Christian.”

Jones appeared to caught off-guard by the vitriol of Ye’s antisemitic remarks, at one questioning whether Ye was even behind the mask.

“I don't like Nazis,” Jones said.

As the show headed to a commercial break, Jones told Ye he had a “Hitler fetish,” to which Ye responded, “I like Hitler.”

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Ye’s appearance featured plenty of other antisemitic remarks and attacks on Jewish people, with Jones claiming there is a “Jewish mafia” and that Jewish people control Hollywood.

Ye held up an orange net and a bottle of Yoo-hoo chocolate drink, which he claimed represented Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

The longtime prime minister, along with the Mossad, an Israeli intelligence agency, want to take Ye’s children away, the rapper bizarrely claimed.

West has been dumped by the likes of Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga following recent comments.


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