Kate Middleton has proven herself as she takes on Princess of Wales baggage

Catherine, Princess of Wales is worthy of her new title after proving herself over the years, according to Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Prince William's wife had been known as the Duchess of Cambridge during the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth but this all changed when the Monarch died.

As William's dad, King Charles ascended the throne, Wills and Kate were instantly bumped up in the line of succession meaning their positions within the Mountbatten-Windsor family changed.

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The new King, just days after the death of his mother, announced that William, 40, and Catherine, 40, were to take on the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales.

Charles had been known as the Prince of Wales, while the now Queen Camilla opted not to use her title out of respect to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Speaking about the news, Laurence, who is of Welsh descent exclusively said: "It comes with an enormous amount of baggage.

"She has consistently proved herself to be so good, the aplomb she's shown being able to just get on and do things.

"She's not a very showy person, she's not a very chatty person – we very rarely hear her speak formally."

Praising the mum-of-three, he continued: "I think that is what is rather lovely, more people hear her speak very informally to them as she goes about a walkabout than we ever do hear her making a speech.

"She really is exemplary the way she doesn't just deal with it, there's an ability to lift it into a different level.

"The fact that the children feel so relatable, she's so relatable, I mean, William is as well, I suppose – they all feel so relatable yet they're not."

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"To be able to strike that balance is incredibly important," he stated.

Reflecting on King Charles, Laurence explained that there had been worries the Monarch wouldn't be relatable due to his "remoteness" – but this appears to have changed.

He said: "I think in the next few years, I think he'll be demonstrating to all of us that he has this ability to be this elevated symbol but then also to do that at the same time as understanding what life is like for everybody else in the country.

"I think that's extraordinary and that's a really important thing to be able to do and it shows that Monarchy can work."


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