Katie Price’s son Harvey jokes he’s ‘ordering chippy lunch’ in adorable clip

Katie Price has taken to social media to share an adorable clip of her son Harvey Price online.

The glamour model turned business woman took to Instagram before uploading the short video of Harvey, 18, pretending to order a fish and chip lunch.

As he held a iPhone, Katie could be hear from behind the camera making a ringing noise before he placed the Apple device to his ear.

Harvey, who suffers from life-long Prader-Willi syndrome, then proceeded to ask for fishcake and chips.

He said: "Hello! Can you have fish cake and chips please at the fish and chip shop?"

As he beamed away, he adorably ended the call with: "I love you, bye!"

Proud mum Katie captioned the clip: "@officialmrharveyprice is hilarious this is him pretending to order lunch this morning."

The video has already picked up almost 600,000 viewers.

The comments section was quickly flooded with messages of support from fans.

One user wrote: "He is so adorable. 'I love you bye!'.

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"Oh what a heart melter."

Another agreed: "Awww Harvey you are far too cute."

A third chimed in: "Omg I love Harvey. He is a beautiful young man."

Katie is currently in the process of trying to pass Harvey's law.

If successful, the law would me online trolling via social media illegal – something that is close to Pricey's heart.

Both she and Harvey get trolled on a daily basis, but Katie says she is strong enough to deal with it.

Her fear is that too many online users take the messages to heart and it is having a damaging effect on the community.

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Last year she appeared in front of the Commons Petitions Committee to lobby MP's to take action.

Katie said during the meeting: "Online is the future, and I just think there needs to be more security checks.”

Her son Junior Andre has also vowed to help his mum get the law into force.

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