Keyshia Cole: Tupac Told Me Death Row Records Was No Place for Kids Before He Died

When talking to Fat Joe during an Instagram livestream, the ‘Let It Go’ singer reveals that the late rapper was planning to leave Death Row Records to sign with Quincy Jones.

AceShowbizTupac Shakur was planning to rock the rap world and leave Death Row Records before he died, according to Keyshia Cole.

The singer claims she was with the hip-hop icon in Las Vegas on the day he lost his life in a drive-by shooting incident and he told her of his plans to leave music mogul Suge Knight‘s label.

“I actually did know him (Tupac),” Cole told [Fat Joe] during a recent Instagram livestream. “He wanted to sign me to Quincy Jones when he was with Kidada, Quincy’s daughter, and he was gonna leave Death Row and go to sign with Quincy. He wanted me to go over there because he said that Death Row was not the place for kids.”

“He died when I was 16… My brother and Pac used to rap together in The Outlawz. We all drove to Vegas from L.A. Pac was in the car with Kidada. Suge was in the car. My brother was in the car. We was in our car. We were kids though. He just didn’t like that, you know what I mean? It was just, like, a lot of drama around that time.”

Shakur was assassinated in September 1996, aged 25.

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