Liam Gallagher says b***end brother Noel hates Oasis fans after coward jibe

Oasis icon Liam Gallagher had launched into a furious rant at his estranged brother Noel on social media after being branded a "coward".

Appearing on talkSPORT radio, Noel sent a public message to Liam asking him about a reunion as he is "forever going on about it" and he should have "some kind of plan".

Noel added: "He won't speak to me – he's a coward.

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"The thing with Liam is, you read these things every day, he’s saying ‘it’s happening, it’s happening’ – he gets people's hopes up, all over the world.

"Then I get asked about it, and I have to look like I’m dropping a big foot on it", as he told his brother to call him to "see what he has to say".

Noel then went on to call his brother "disingenuous" and claimed that Liam "doesn’t want to do it, but he just likes saying that he does want to do it".

As Noel urged to "stop playing with the kids", it didn't take long for Liam to hit back in a scathing rant on social media.

Liam penned: "I don’t wish AIDS on people I turn up and play the MUSIC for the people of MANCHESTER who have just had a terror attack while you sit on your dingy sipping champagne and you got the audacity to call me a COWARD sit down you [bell emoji] end."

He then responded a fan: "He hates Oasis fans he’s full of s***."

This appears to be a reference to Noel once saying he wished Blur members Alex James and Damon Albarn would "catch AIDS and die" during the 90s.

Noel has since apologised for the comment as he said: "As soon as I had said it, I realised that it was an insensitive thing to say as AIDS is no joking matter and immediately retracted the comment.

"Although not being a fan of their music, I wish both Damon and Alex a long and healthy life."

Tensions between Noel and Liam reached an all-time high after 2017 Manchester Arena bombings, as Noel was absent from the One Love Manchester benefit concert while Liam performed.

Liam shared his fury at his brother not coming to the benefit but headlining the We Are Manchester Benefit concert to mark the reopening of the Manchester Arena.

He wrote: "Don't buy into this PR stunt, he doesn't give a f**k, if the same thing had have gone of in Edinburgh he'd been there like a shot ahem."


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