Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips left with blood pouring down legs after surgery

The Real Full Monty On Ice's Shaughna Phillips has told how blood poured down legs in her first rehearsal for the show due to a painful leg condition.

Shaughna had surgery on her calves to have fat removed after being diagnosed with lipoedema, which caused an abnormal build-up of fat cells on her legs.

The Love Island star signed up for the ITV show, which raises awareness of cancer in intimate areas, in memory of her dad who died of the disease.

And she has spoken of how she found herself in agony when she pulled on her skates for the first day of training for the show, which sees celebrities skating and getting their kit off.

She told The Sun that on the first day of training for the show, which airs on December 14 and 15, she "couldn't get her foot into her boot".

"There was blood pouring down my laces. I was in so much pain," she said.

"I was skating in my dad's memory so there was no way I wasn't going to do it. Plus I'm an Aries, it's not in our blood to quit."

Shaughna told a therapist about how insecure she was of her legs before entering the Love Island villa in January.

She didn't realise she had the condition until a fan of the show pointed out she may have it – and later had the surgery to treat it in September.

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Shaughna said it was a huge relief to get diagnosed, adding that finding out she had a medical condition was a "huge weight lifted from her shoulders".

The beauty said "half the battle was won as soon she was diagnosed".

She added her legs were her "biggest insecurity" – but she has "so much more confidence now".

Shaughna revealed her legs still feel "bruised and heavy" but "they are still working".

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The star said the condition can flare up again with pregnancy but she'll "have more surgery" if that happens.

Shaughna stars on The Real Full Monty On Ice with actress actress Hayley Tamaddon, former X Factor star Jake Quickenden, and fellow Love Island star Chris Hughes.

The show has already been filmed in Blackpool and Shaughna confessed she was more fearful of slipping on the ice than stripping off.

She said: "The whole time I was in Blackpool I was having nightmares of falling over like Gemma Collins did, but while I was naked."

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