N-Dubz stars transformations since break-up – with one almost unrecognisable

N-Dubz have surprised fans with a much-awaited comeback that has been a decade too long.

The news broke this week (May 16) when all three members of hip-hop group N-Dubz posted a video teasing fans.

After going their separate ways in 2011, it has no doubt left long-time fans of the group in shock with being offered not only new music, but a nationwide tour in the works.

Tula 'Tulisa' Contostavlos, Dino 'Dappy' Contostavlos and Richard 'Fazer' Rawson unsurprisingly look rather different from when they first broke on the scene.

From their beginnings in Camden to their life post-N-Dubz , we take a deep dive into the transformations of the stars that once shone as one of the biggest music acts in the nation.


Famously regarded as the sassy singer of the group, Tulisa was the Camden girl with the unmistakable powerhouse vocals.

As a teenager, she was invited to join cousin Dappy and Fazer to form a group that would be known as N-Dubz and went on to become an X Factor judge in 2011, where she coached Little Mix to stardom.

During the public's fixation of Tulisa, after becoming Cheryl Cole's replacement on the show, she launched a solo career, with her single Young debuting at number 1 on the Official Singles Chart in 2012.

The period also marked Tulisa swapping the signature blonde to a brunette as her career shifted to a different trajectory.

Fans made further note of Tulisa's transformation by 2014, after her highly publicised drug trial. It saw her cleared after she was accused of helping to set up a cocaine deal.

In a previous interview with Grazia, she stated that "I looked really gaunt from the stress of the trial.

"I wanted to perk myself up a bit and I'd always wanted my lips done.

"But with the cheeks, I didn't know that I suffered from water retention, and the first thing that fillers do is draw water to the area so it started swelling up.

"The worst thing is that it would happen in the morning, so I would wake up like a blow fish when I was going to court."


Hailed as the lead act of N-Dubz, Dappy couldn't be seen during the naughties and early 2010s without his signature woolly chullos and unusual fashion sense.

After it was announced in 2011 that N-Dubz were going into hiatus to embark on solo careers, Dappy released an N-Dubz demo track that became his breakout solo success – No Regrets – which peaked at #1 in the UK and Scotland.

Dappy has continued to make music and has collaborated with the likes of Ay Em, Swarmz, Poundz, M24, Backroad Gee, Russ Millions, and even legendary rock band member Brian May.

Despite sporting a high bun nowadays, Dappy made a cheeky nod to his once eccentric headwear, with the photo cover of his 2021 GRM Daily freestyle track.

It show a woollen hat laid on top of a mic stand so fans could happily reminisce the good old days.


As one-third of the iconic rap/R&B trio that he was a part of since the age of 12, Fazer has undergone his own serious transformations from the start of N-Dubz until present day. He's practically unrecognisable.

While he has continued to work in the industry as a music producer and solo artist since N-Dubz split, Fazer has made changes from his go-to edgy aesthetic to rocking an entirely new hair look ten years on.

Ditching the buzzcut for longer locks, Fazer has been also been seen publicly to evolve his style by donning a wide range of looks- from smart suits to street wear.

He also rocks eyeglasses from time to time, which is a contrast from the Fazer-like dark shades worn frequently back in the day.

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