Nicola McLean slams annoying Amber Gill as she weighs in on Kim Woodburn feud

Nicola McLean has let rip about Love Island star Amber Gill after she weighed in on her Kim Woodburn feud.

The Big Brother star notoriously had multiple rows with Kim Woodburn on the show back in 2017.

However, Amber has decided to re-hash their feud and re-watch the show – with added commentary on her Instagram.

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Amber wrote on Instagram, with a snap of Kim and Nicola: "I wish I was there I would have defended Kim Woodburn to death. My queen.

"I love rewatching this s**t Kim cooked them all single-handedly. She had a man square up to her.

"Nicole was rude! She also said in the press she wouldn't want to be my friend.

"My friend!!? You wish.

"You're old enough to be my mother babes."

After seeing this online Nicola, 41, was left seething and wanted to share her thoughts on the matter exclusively with the Daily Star.

Nicola said: "She's so annoying she always tries to goad me so she's trying to shame me about the fact I'm older than her. And the fact she's saying if she was in that series of Big Brother but she wouldn't would she because she's not entertaining enough to get booked."

On the chaotic series, the cleaning expert, 80, accused former glamour model Nicola of "stirring" up trouble and told her to "grow up" in heated scenes.

Kim hit out: “You’re a little stirrer! Grow up! Don’t start with me you little b****!”

However, this isn't the first time Nicola and Amber have butted heads after their clash last year.

Once Nicola made it clear she had no intentions of befriending Amber, 25.

The feud started after both stars had been enjoying a night at London's famous Winter Wonderland after when Amber refused to take a pic with her young niece.

Speaking to The Sun, Nicola said: "I know my niece, she wouldn't have done it when Amber was eating or something, she literally asked her and Amber refused a picture.

"I said on Instagram that was not right.

"I was p***ed off about it, and now she's saying I'm the rudest celebrity but who cares? I have zero interest in being friends with her."

Amber has since hit out about Nicola and slagged her off on a podcast with Chloe Burrows

She stated: "I haven't met them but the person that was the rudest to us was Nicola McLean."


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