Noel Edmonds lewd pub serves up T*ts Up lager in tiny town – to locals horror

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    While Noel Edmonds was once famed for asking people “deal or no deal” he is now known in a small New Zealand village for posing a different question: “Do you fancy a pint of Tits Up or a pint of Boring B*****d?”

    That’s because the TV legend runs his own brazen boozer called the Bugger Inn where he serves a lewd selection of beverages… but not everyone finds it funny.

    He manages the banter bar alongside third wife Liz who he met on Deal Or No Deal when she was a makeup artist – before they jetted off to New Zealand together in 2019.

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    And after ditching the UK he promised to be less eccentric, telling the Mail on Sunday: “Kiwis can rest easy. I'm not going to inflict myself upon this proud nation. I'm not bringing Mr Blobby over. I'm here to behave.”

    But rather than behaving, the former face of Saturday night TV now serves cheeky drinks such as an Old Git Pilsner, a “ladies favourite” Dickens Cider and a Hoplicker American IPA.

    The already mentioned Tits Up is a Lager while the Boring B*****d is a Hazy IPA that is supposedly “guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart”.

    Edmonds is imparting his British potty mouthed humour in a tiny village called Ngatimoti that sits by the stunning Motueka River Valley and is overlooked by forests and mountains.

    He fell in love with the picturesque country in 2016 during a family holiday before moving there three years later – making it permanent by investing millions of pounds in shares and bonds.

    Edmonds also set up Positivity Radio during Covid-19 but his most ambitious project was buying a vineyard and cafe in Ngatimoti called Dunbar Estates that is 26 miles west of Nelson on South Island.

    But it has transformed in the last year as a little slice of England called River Haven that boasts of the Bugger Inn pub and a restaurant.

    A statement from Noel and Liz on their website reads: “Our mission is to make a positive contribution to community life in the most beautiful Motueka Valley. The River Haven vineyard is now described as the most beautiful in New Zealand.”

    However, one of his neighbours, who wished to stay anonymous for obviously awkward reasons, spoke to Stuff about having one of Britain’s biggest stars taking over the estate.

    Speaking to the publication, she said: “He’s got this attitude… about how he’s improved the place and made it amazing – it was already amazing. I just feel like he’s a coloniser… he’s come in like the Lord of the Manor.”

    And while Edmonds claims his saucily named drinks represent “Kiwi humour” – others are not convinced. One critical local said: “It’s real Benny Hill stuff. It’s not acceptable any more.”

    Others have spoken highly of Edmond's estate that also includes a coffee cart and general store and described it as an ideal spot for the 2,500 people who live in or near Ngatimoti to socialise.

    And the former frontman of Noel’s House Party, who is now 74, doesn’t look to be returning to the UK any time soon after buying at least 12 properties in New Zealand worth more than £14.5 million.

    But after the report in Stuff, where locals outlined their objections, Edmonds hit back via the The Times newspaper.

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    He said: “Their sentiments were consistent and [their] support unequivocal. Secondly their language – and now that I regard myself as a Kiwi, my language – is accurate and concise so feel free to quote them and me: it’s f***ing bollocks.

    “I’m here to give, to make a difference. My love has always been the environment, the countryside. I haven’t just been buying property for the sake of it.”

    As for people who may be unhappy with his presence, he added: “I totally sympathise with the suspicion. When people are ignorant they become more suspicious.

    “We tried to just tread gently. I’m sure we upset some people, I’m sure there are people… who are still upset – nothing deliberate, we’ve tried to listen.”

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