Noel Gallagher admits he does Look Back In Anger and can hold grudge for years

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Noel Gallagher has admitted he really does Look Back In Anger and can hold grudges for years – proving he isn't very keen on taking his own advice.

The former Oasis rocker, 54, claimed he is always plotting payback and said: "Revenge has got to be served cold. Like foie gras.

"I’m in a constant state of revenge – revenge in perpetuity is how I live."

He added: "When I’m wronged, I never react – I just make a mental note of it and go, ‘OK. You’ll regret that.’

"And then I play the long game in it all. I’m not a bawler and shouter, I’d just be like, ‘OK, let’s see how this plays out.’

"I’m in a constant state of plotting against someone."

Noel went on to tell Matt Morgan’s podcast he goes off "instinct and hatred".

He explained: "I don’t bottle anything up, I just like to put it to one side for a bit and go, ‘OK, I’ll ­remember that."

Maybe brother Liam should look out if they row once more!

The first cracks in the brothers' relationship began to show during a a gig at Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles.

After a famously terrible set, Liam began hurling insults and hit Noel with a tambourine, before storming offstage before the show officially ended.

A furious Noel quit the tour the next day, though he eventually returned after cooling off in Las Vegas for a few days.

In 2009, Noel said of his brother in an interview with Q Magazine: "He’s rude, arrogant, intimidating, and lazy. He’s the angriest man you’ll ever meet. He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup."

More recently, the brothers have been busy hurling insults at each other on social media, with Liam even childishly dubbing Noel a "potato" in a string of tweets.

In spite of his ongoing feud with his brother and former bandmate, Noel has promised to reunite with brother Liam on a feature-length documentary looking into the success of their historic Knebworth gig, which is set for release later this month.

And Liam, meanwhile, has promised an official band reunion "will happen", responding to a fan back in February this year that he's "ready to go" with an Oasis reunion.

However, he was quick to warn brother Noel that he'd "p*** an Oasis gig standing on my head", adding: "The little fella knows it as well, that’s why he’s scared to share the stage with me as I'd OWN it."

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