Notting Hill Carnival goers gutted as event cancelled for 2nd year due to Covid

Notting Hill Carnival has been cancelled for a second year running due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event's organisers have sadly confirmed.

An official statement from the NHC Board of Directors confirmed the event would no longer go ahead, getting postponed until 2022.

Carnival goers were conflicted after the announcement was made – while many were "gutted," they conceded it was the safest decision to make.

The statement read: "After lengthy consultations with our strategic partners, our Advisory Council and individual participating bands and sound systems, the board of Notting Hill Carnival Ltd, the organising body of Notting Hill Carnival, has decided that this year’s Carnival will not be on the streets during to the ongoing uncertainty and risk Covid-19 poses.

"This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make.

"Everyone involved in the event desperately wants a return to the road where the Carnival belongs but safety has to come first and with the latest cautious announcement on the government’s roadmap, this is the only way to ensure that."

Planning to “refocus their efforts,” the board promised to create the “greatest ever Notting Hill Carnival for 2022”.

Reacting to the news, one Twitter user wrote: "A tough decision but the right one. We will celebrate in our own way locally and look forward to carnival being back on the road."

"Gutted but correct decision," added a second.

"This can't have been an easy announcement to make. Thank you for continuing to do what you can in these difficult times," penned a third.

Taking place each August, the Carnival has been a hugely important annual event since its inception in 1966.

It sees two and a half million people gather in the streets each year for the joyous celebration, spanning across the Bank Holiday weekend.

While the event has been cancelled, organisers have urged goers to visit their website for details on local or online celebrations taking place.

The decision to cancel the Carnival comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement on Monday, which extended the lockdown.

While all social distancing restrictions were intended to be lifted on June 21, the date has been pushed forward to July 19 over Covid concerns.

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