Olivia Rodrigo Fan Finds Possible Hidden Message in Her Instagram Post

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actor Olivia Rodrigo might be following in idol Taylor Swift‘s footsteps yet again with a hidden message. The Disney+ singer has started to share her own Easter eggs showing hints to later reveals. One of her recent ones included a hidden message in song “deja vu” and a reveal of her Sour album cover. Rodrigo shared a new post on Instagram that already has fans speculating about a deeper meaning in the picture.

Olivia Rodrigo has released two songs from her album ‘Sour’

So far, Rodrigo has put out two songs from her debut album Sour. She released “drivers license” in January 2021, which became a surprise mega-hit. The song went viral on TikTok, and caught the attention of Swift, Niall Horan, Halsey, among other pop superstars.

Her second single, “deja vu,” was available to fans on April 1. A couple of weeks later, she announced her upcoming album’s name, release date, and all of the track titles.

The album is coming out on May 21, per an album announcement from the singer herself. But fans might be getting more content from Rodrigo ahead of the full album release. One of Rodrigo’s fans on TikTok discovered a possible secret message in her new Instagram post she shared on April 26.

Olivia Rodrigo shared a new Instagram post on April 26

First, Rodrigo posted a picture of her cover on Elle magazine on Instagram. Following that exciting announcement, she shared a vintage, retro-looking photo that fits right in style with the aesthetic from her music video for “deja vu.” But it wasn’t seen in the music video — so it’s likely from something else.

In the photo, Rodrigo appeared to be wearing a cheerleader’s uniform while donning long black leather gloves. She stood in front of sage green school lockers. Rodrigo captioned the post with a cheering megaphone emoji.

At first glance, it just looked like a cool picture. But Rodrigo fans are near-detectives, and one on TikTok might have discovered key information about her next song drop.

An Olivia Rodrigo fan on TikTok thinks they found a hidden message

In one fan’s TikTok in response to her Instagram post, he said that “being the Swiftie” that he is, he “had to decode it.”

The fan reiterated that Rodrigo’s album Sour is coming out May 21. He then pointed out that the number on the locker read “514,” which could be symbolic for a May 14 date. Furthermore, the fan said that May 14 is a Friday, which is “perfect for music releases.”

Then, the fan brought attention to the number 6 on the locker dial. He theorized that this could mean Rodrigo’s sixth track on her album, “good 4 u,” could have a music video coming out on May 14.

A possible music video for another song on Sour would make sense given the photo Rodrigo posted doesn’t fit in either “drivers license” or “deja vu” music videos. There’s only one way to find out if this theory holds up — we’ll be watching for something on May 14!

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