Paul OGrady ready to riot as he gets stuck on flight amid airport carnage

Paul O'Grady has declared he is 'ready to riot' after his flight was delayed in airport chaos and then took off without his luggage.

The TV and radio host, 67, shared his bout of rage online after the flight he was on was delayed for two hours – leaving him hungry, thirsty and too hot.

Paul admitted ‘tempers were rising’ and he was ‘fit to kill’ as he sat aboard a KLM flight from Amsterdam‘s Schiphol airport which was supposed to take him to London for a reception at the House of Lords.

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Taking to social media to vent his frustrations, he posted a picture of himself wearing a mask, blasting: “What a joy flying is. I’ve been sat on a KLM flight for over two hours and we haven’t got any further than the runway.

'The Captain pops his head out now and then with endless lame excuses and he’s just informed us that the luggage is stuck in some holding area and cannot be reached so if we do take off then it’s without luggage.'

Paul also admitted he might ‘kill’ as he said: 'Tempers are rising and I’m fit to f***ing kill as I’m supposed to be going to a reception at The House of Lords in aid of The Paul Cottingham Trust which isn’t going to happen.'

He added: 'We’ve had half a glass of water and a few crisps and endless excuses and if this stinking heap doesn’t take off soon I’m afraid I’m going to start a riot.

'A police cell would be preferable to being stuck here.'

Paul also added in his comments: 'It’s also freezing on this thing, and then after passengers complained they turned the heating full on, consequently I’m sweating like a whore in confession.'

The airline industry has struggled to ramp up operations as passenger numbers recover after the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of passengers have had flights cancelled in recent weeks or have missed take off while waiting in nightmare queues for check-in and security clearance, while undelivered and unclaimed luggage has been piling up around the country's airports.

With passengers facing cancellations, delays and nightmare queues at UK airports, baggage handlers have revealed their horror at having to watch pilots unloading suitcases from their planes while other staff regularly break down into tears.

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