Sir Rod Stewart is so desperate to perform hed do it in front of a room full of coffins

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The rocker and wife Penny also said older relatives have found lockdowns tougher than living through the Blitz.

Missing the microphone, Sir Rod, 76, said: “I’d play to a room full of coffins right now, I’m so desperate to perform. I’ve got October in Vegas – looking forward to that but we really go mad next year, touring seven months out of 12.”

Sir Rod, born his 1945, was the youngest of five children and his siblings lived through the war in north London.

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Loose Women panellist Penny, 50, said: “Rod’s sister Mary, who is 92, has said the loneliness of lockdown is worse now than it was during the war.”

Sir Rod added: “During the Blitz you had to go down into the shelters but you could come up and go to the pub – if it was still standing, of course!”

Meanwhile, TV presenter Piers Morgan bumped into the couple at the weekend – but, posting a selfie, he joked he would be behaving himself.

“Not easy going on the lash with Rod Stewart these days,” he wrote. “His fabulous wife Penny is now (very admirably) a special constable with the City of London Police, and carries her warrant card around with her to bring an immediate halt to any excessive partying.”

Penny became a special constable in April, having been inspired by Channel 4’s Famous And Fighting Crime.

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