The Real Meaning Behind Kane Brown’s ‘Worship You’

When it comes to romantic country songs, it’s hard to top Kane Brown’s “Worship You.” The singer released the single in October 2020, (appropriately) around the time of his second wedding anniversary. With lyrics like, “Your kisses have a higher power. Your body, baby, it’s divine. Every time I see you smile. It’s like I’ve seen the light,” it’s clear that Brown is singing to someone he loves, which of course happens to be his wife, fellow singer, Katelyn Jae.

In fact, it’s Jae who starred alongside Brown in the music video for “Worship You.” In the video, Jae can be seen wandering around a field in a flowing green dress while Brown, who’s dressed in a suit, appears to be searching for her. About halfway through the video, viewers also see their baby daughter, Kingsley, being held by Jae. Towards the end, the family is seen embracing, sending home the loving message of the song. 

Brown’s lyrics and music video make it clear that his wife is worth praising, when he sings, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a God-fearing Christian man. But if you were a religion, then damn. I don’t know what I’d do. Yeah, I might have to worship you.” The songwriter seemingly compares their love to a religious experience, with the lyrics, “I might have to sing your praise, I might have to go to church every single night and day.” But the song is also more. Read on to find out how so.

"Worship You' isn't just about Kane Brown's wife

It appears that country star Kane Brown’s song “Worship You” isn’t just a love song for his wife; it’s also a special message to his daughter. Brown explained to Country Now that “It’s saying that your girl, your wife, is your everything. You know that she don’t walk on water or anything like that, but you basically praise her.” He also revealed that because of daughter Kingsley, the song’s meaning changed a bit. He added, “Originally it was thinking about Kate you know, but then I did this video that I put on my Instagram, it was me, Kate and Kingsley and I was singing it to Kingsley. So I was like you know, this song could be about my daughter.”

When Brown sings the lyrics, “Now I ain’t saying you can walk on water or that you can turn it into wine. But, girl, it feels like a miracle that you’re mine,” he clarified that he’s really singing to his two special girls, Katelyn Jae and Kingsley. “It’s basically just worshiping my family now, they’re both my girls and I’d do anything for them. Worship the ground they walk on.”

Brown, of course, noted that the heartfelt song could take on different meanings for others adding, “I feel like it’s going to be a wedding song.” Whether you hear “Worship You” as a romantic song, or as how you feel about your family, it’s about praising your love!

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