Tory Lanez Becomes Action Figure in ‘Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT’ Music Video

‘Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT’ marks the second track off the 30-year-old Canadian rapper’s new album, ‘Sorry 4 What’, to be given a music video treatment after ‘Why Did I’.

AceShowbizTory Lanez is offering something new with “Sorry 4 What? // LV BELT” visuals. Different from his previous music videos, the clip was released on Tuesday, October 4 in a stop-motion form.

Tory, who is also known as Argentina Fargo, transforms into an action figure in the video. As the character shows up, there are subtitles that read, “As a young man he travelled state-to-state with no fixed abode, surviving by stealing cars in Toronto.”

“and enforcing payments in Miami, before getting arrested selling guns in New York,” the messages add. “Within days, he had escaped custody and obtained a new identity. Argentina Fargo.”

Tory’s figure then helps a number of inmates escape prison. He then summons his gang members, celebrating their freedom before planning to attack the White House.

“I hit the road, I look like the mayor/ Countin’ up fifties and twentiеs and tens,” he raps. “I’m out of state, they givе me a ten/ Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again/ Ballin’ again, again, again, again, again.”

The song appears on Tory’s new album “Sorry 4 What”, which arrived on Friday, September 30. It consists of 19 other tracks, including “Bad B***hes Wrk & Taboo”, “Sex Songs”, “Hennessey Memories” and “This Ain’t Working” among others. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is the only artist who is featured in the project.

On the same day, the Canadian native treated fans to a music video for “Why Did I”. The clip shows him making it rain at a strip club while singing about a troubled relationship and a toxic night out.

“Wanna ride the Rolls ’cause the stars’ like a solarship/ How you tryna go viral but you tryna go legit?/ Next time you wanna open up, you might just hold this s**t,” he spits. “Bully how I beat her p***y, leave her with the swollen lips/ Told this lil’ b***h p***y,’Take that call and shot it, hold the grip.’ “

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