TV host Martin Roberts’ farmhouse ‘haunted by ghost child who coughs up blood’

Martin Roberts’ farmhouse is haunted by the spirit of a child who coughs up blood.

The Homes Under The Hammer presenter, 58, called in ghosthunters after sensing ­paranormal activity at the 400- year-old property.

A team rigged the house with eight cameras and specialist equipment in a bid to get ­evidence of spirits.

And within hours of arriving, expert Ian Lawman saw the ghost of a boy.

He said: “He keeps looking back and smiling, almost as if he’s wanting to play hide and seek.

“There’s another child in here coughing blood up. So, there’s an illness that is connected to this house. I wonder if it’s TB or something like that?

“That’s really left me ­emotional, knowing that a child has died in that room.”

The investigation also ­appeared to show the spirit of a mystery woman.

Ian added: “When I close my eyes, I’ve got really strong ­visions of her.

“I think people would describe her as a ‘grey lady’. She’s almost like a negative.” Former I’m A Celebrity star Martin took part in the probe and used a specialist Structured Light Sensor camera in an attempt to get video evidence of spirits.

A stick figure was detected in various rooms, with the ghostly apparition appearing to play a game.

Martin, inset, said: “This is too much fun. They love playing hide and seek.” Hours later the team took photos to secure further evidence, and they were left ­convinced one snap showed the figure of a lady with her head turned to one side.

Ian said: “It’s all of the family that lived here ­before who are haunting or walking around this house.”

Martin is now in no doubt there are spirits living with him.

He said: “I would say the house definitely has energy.

“I’m pretty convinced that there is a spirit here, but hopefully it knows that I’m its friend.”

The investigation was filmed for TV series Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted, which is available to stream on discovery+.

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