Twitter Set To Launch ‘Hide Replies’ Option In US And Japan

Twitter is set to launch a radical new feature called ‘Hide Replies’ that will allow Twitter users to hide responses they don’t deem appropriate.

Twitter’s controversial new feature basically allows users to create a post on the social media platform and as other Twitter users post responses you can decide what’s going to to stay or go based on what you believe is rude, inappropriate, offensive or simply pointless dribble. If you started a conversation and you don’t want the replies you get, you can simply make the response go away.

The idea behind the feature is that Twitter users can limit the amount of, frankly, rude responses that seem to be what inundate Twitter these days. The idea is to civilize conversations on the platform. The feature will launch today in the U.S. and Japan after earlier tests in Canada.

This new feature isn’t receiving glowing responses by everyone. It’s certainly not a small change to the uber-popular media form and while it puts people back in control of the conversations they start, it’s seen by some as limiting free speech.

One thing to know is the responses that get hidden aren’t actually deleted from Twitter. They’re just put behind the scenes. And, Twitter already allows users to report offensive tweets that violate the terms and policies of the platform. Where this differs is that the user becomes the judge and jury on their own feeds.

This Is Probably a Good Thing

In the end, anything that cuts back on the ridiculously rude comments people leave on other’s feeds is a good thing. If someone joins a conversation simply to troll another user or cause drama, why allow them to stick around? What will be interesting to see is how many users leave repeatedly rude posts forcing each Twitter user to hide responses more than once. At that point, it becomes a game of who can hit post or hide more often.

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