Watch Kanye West Discuss His ‘Service to God’ on ‘Kimmel’

Kanye West made a surprise appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and took the opportunity to discuss his new album Jesus Is King, which was delayed after it’s promised midnight release. The rapper also talked about his recent discovery of Christianity and his new IMAX movie.

When asked when Jesus Is King would be coming out West replied, “It’s going to be dropping at 12 a.m.” (It has since been delayed due to issues with some of the “mixes”). He added, “It’s out now.”

West discussed the forthcoming IMAX movie, which is a companion piece for the album, which he shot in Flagstaff, Arizona with the help of artist James Turrell. Kimmel showed a clip of West’s daughter North dancing along to the film, noting that she’s a “real performer.”

“I want to say that I love the fact that my daughter wants to go to church,” West said. “She has such a positive thought association with going to church because it’s outside of the traditional four walls and outside of the pews. Now that God has called me and I now have given my life to Jesus Christ and I work for God. Now we have Christian innovation in our time.”

He added, to Kimmel, “You asked me last year did having a daughter change my life and I’ve completely turned around from where my perspective was last year to where it is now. I feel like there’s so few individuals in the position like mine to be able to give their opinion and stand up and say ‘This is what family is about.’ I feel that God is using me and using the choir and using my family to show off… We’re in complete service to God.”

“Would you consider yourself to be a Christian music artist now?” Kimmel asked in response. “I’m just a Christian everything,” West replied. “Everything.”

West also had some unorthodox advice for audience member Dave Johnson, who recently won the New York lottery. “So I invest in land in middle America,” West said. “I have 12,500 acres of land in Wyoming right now. So when we think about where we’re spending our money I saw the Gucci jacket and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s nice.’ When we present ourselves on TV we always have to show this luxury. I got a cheap-ass hoodie on and I’m a billionaire.” He added, suggesting that Johnson get a team of people behind him, especially as a black man, “When I first got money I didn’t have a CFO and people who really show me how that feels.” When asked by Kimmel if he wants to invest in land with Johnson West confirmed, “It’s easy.”

West will return to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night to perform a track from Jesus Is King.

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