Where To Buy About-Face, Halsey’s New Beauty Brand Centering Self-Love

The world can never have too many makeup retailers, and you’ll never guess who’s joining the fray. Grammy-nominated musician Halsey is launching beauty brand About-Face. The New Jersey-born singer has long been a makeup lover, and now she wants to share her passion with fans. You can check out the first collection now and shop the pre-sale on About-Face’s website, but the official launch isn’t until Jan. 25. This first drop involves 10 products ranging from highlighters to lipstick to eyeshadow sticks and more.

In a chaotic, punk-ish video posted on Instagram on Jan. 4, fans got their first glimpse of Halsey’s latest endeavor. She walks out with her hair styled into a choppy, black lob and graphic eye liner. The shot quickly changed to other models as well as product images wave back and forth. While you might be distracted by everything that’s happening, you can’t miss the vibrant and unique makeup looks sported by all the models and Halsey.

"Makeup is an art, and art is about happy accidents, not any one ideal of perfection," Halsey said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. "I always feel the most free when I am creating looks without following any rules. The beauty industry has norms, but I want to encourage people to challenge those standards and allow things to be imperfect and fun." Finding the fun in makeup is something Halsey is very talented at. She’s notorious for doing her own makeup for videos, red carpet events, and even did her own makeup for her iconic Manic album cover.

There are two main focuses of About-Face’s first collection. First is Light Lock which is all about bring the highest shine possible to your face. Coming in three different forms, you can load on the shimmer with the Light Lock Powder ($30, About-Face), Light Lock Stick ($25, About-Face) or the Highlighter Fluid ($32, About-Face), depending on your preferred application style. However, if you like to keep things on the matte side, there are the velvety, deeply pigmented options of the Eye Paint ($24, About-Face) and Lip Color ($22, About-Face). About-Face even has beauty tools to help you get that super professional finish.

All About-Face products are vegan, clean, and cruelty free with prices between $17 to $32. You can pre-order now and can scroll below to check out some of the best pieces from the launch.

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