Wicker Mans Britt Ekland embarrassed after stripper replaced her in nude role

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    It could be said that the Wicker Man is one of the greatest British films of all time, with its odd mix of horror, thrill and a memorable musical endings that none of us will ever forget.

    With the film reaching half a decade and marking its 50th anniversary, Britt Ekland, who played the lead character Willow has addressed the famous naked scene. Claiming she knew nothing about the stripper who was hired to play her.

    The story follows a Christian police officer who is lured to a remote Scottish island, with the plot taking various twists and turns in the hunt for a missing girl. Only to find the community is plagued by sex-mad pagans.

    While Ms Ekland is proud of the movie, it did come as quite a surprise to see a body double had been used without her knowledge. Christopher Lee who was also starred in 1973 film as the wacky suave Lord Summerisle alongside future James Bond star Ms Ekland actually went unpaid for his role in the movie and claimed it was "the best thing he'd ever done".

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    Speaking to the Daily Mail about the production, the 81-year-old said: "At the time I made some comments about how difficult the film was and it was interpreted that I have ill feelings towards it. The reality is that filming took place when I was young, alone and pregnant."

    In reference to the famous naked dance scene, Ms Ekland went on: "'I didn't ask for a body double. I had no problem doing the dance naked but I did not want to have my bottom photographed."

    "When I went to London on my day off they brought in a local stripper. I didn't know anything about it. When I saw that part of the film I was shocked. Not only did she not look anything like me but her body did not look like mine. Her bottom was huge and it was embarrassing," added Ms Ekland.

    The movie including TV Equalizer star Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee and Ms Ekland, is set to return to the big screen for the summer solstice in a new 4k restoration. While marking it's 50th birthday.

    Fans can expect to be wowed by Lee's creepy character as Swedish-born beauty Ms Ekland's alter-ego Willow, who is the island's innkeepers temptress daughter attempts to seduce Woodward's virginal character inspector Howie – with him resisting her charms. Leaving his own life hanging in the balance.

    It was a wonder that the film actually made it to the Box Office after the crew were given a minimalistic budget for the production by British Lion studio. due to Lee offering up his services for free, the film fortunately went ahead.

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