X Factor’s Lucy Spraggan shows off ripped body after six-week transformation

Lucy Spraggan has spent the last few months working hard to transform her body, and the 29-year-old star looks completely different from her appearance on The X Factor.

The star has always been gorgeous, but recent years have seen her devote herself to fitness, grafting hard to achieve a ripped physique.

Showcasing her figure, which featured a toned torso and six-pack, Lucy looked incredible in the latest snaps shared with fans on her Instagram page.

The singer proudly declared how happy she is to have achieved such a mean feat.

She also shared a series of images to show just how much work she’s had to put in to get such an exceptional figure, documenting her latest changes over the last six weeks.

Wearing red lingerie, Lucy couldn’t have looked more thrilled as she wrote how "strong" and "bad a**" she feels as a result of her efforts.

She began: "What it is: A documentation of some very hard work over 6 weeks! For those interested in body composition change, A strong f***in’ bad a**, Something I am proud of."

The X Factor star then warned trolls not to even bother commenting if it was just to say what they thought women should like, and that she wasn’t inviting "negative bulls****ery".

"I am eating loads, lifting heavier, feeling strong AS F**K," Lucy went on.

"Also, before anyone thinks 'I preferred you with a little more weight'…Well I’m heavier in the right than I am in the left.

"Irrelevant assumptions about irrelevant weights are also unwelcome."

Lucy continued to share her good vibes as she thanked her personal trainer who had guided her through the tough regime.

Gushing about how she’d received epic guidance, the singer said the guru "amazed" her.

Lucy then finished by clarifying the dates on her photos, saying: "(Left week 1, middle week 4, eight week 6!)"

Lucy has worked on her body and self-confidence gradually over the last year, also having surgery to enhance her breast size last year to a 34D cup.

The star has always openly documented changes to her body and her reasons for doing so, telling fans she was feeling “absolutely incredible” after the cosmetic treatment.

Fans took to the comments to share their praise and well-wishes for the beaming star.

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