1000lb Best Friends fuming as new episode missing

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Last week’s episode of 1000lb Best Friends brought the second season to a sweet conclusion as viewers saw Meghan Crumpler finally tie the knot with her partner Jon Creager. However, after a shocking cliffhanger just before the credits rolled, TLC fans assumed the season would continue this week and were in for a surprise when they switched on.

Fans were left baffled when they quickly realised there would be no new episode of 1000lb Best Friends this Wednesday.

In episode 10, The Thick Line Between Love and Weight, Meghan and Jon finally get married while Tina and Ashley were due to get weight loss surgery on the same day.

However, Tina ended up getting cold feet and didn’t go through with the operation, later telling her friend Meghan it was time for her to move out.

With so many loose ends, fans were stunned to find there was no new episode on this week, and they could be waiting nearly a year to find out what happens next.

On Twitter, @lanadeltaco01 fumed: “You’re telling me last week’s lazy wedding and Tina being a constant pain in the a** was the season finale!?”

“That season finale sucks,” @mechelle_EP said. “I wanted to see Meghan move out.”

Over on Reddit, u/Ecstatic_Lake_3281 asked: “Is the season over?

“No new episode tonight? What’s going on? Was that the end with the wedding?”

To which u/Meowzy91 replied: “That was the lamest season finale.”

And u/audmj14 added: “Last week was the season finale?!? It felt like a regular episode. Super disappointed!”

While u/hamimono criticised the series, writing: “Yes. It is a common trope in reality TV to build up to the ‘big wedding’ on the finale show.

“For some reason, though, this particular show is very sloppy about making the final episode feel like closure or a transitional moment.”

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“I get that they want cliffhangers for the next season but it was massively unclear that this episode was the last of season two.

“I guess 10 episodes is a round number and we are supposed to realise that that is it… season one only had eight.”

Although this year’s instalment was longer than 1000lb Best Friends’ first season, the two extra episodes may have confused viewers into thinking this outing would be several episodes longer.

Plus, TLC were apparently unclear last week’s episode would bring the show to an end for the time being.

To make matters more frustrating, the network hasn’t officially confirmed a third season of the show is in the works just yet.

However, Meghan, Vannessa, Tina and Ashley’s weight loss journey has proven popular, so there should be more details about the series’ return soon.

Meanwhile, fans are still on the edge of their seats regarding the next stages of the pals’ goals towards a healthier lifestyle.

While Tina ducked out of surgery last week, Vannessa has continued to make good progress, and she may be able to qualify for additional surgery to remove her excess skin.

Plus, will Meghan be able to find her own place after Tina’s ultimatum in the season finale?

1000lb Best Friends is available to watch on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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