1000lb Sisters fans outraged by Tammy Slaton’s ‘selfish’ rehab demands

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy demands to come home from rehab

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1000lb Sisters returned to TLC on Tuesday and although Tammy Slaton received her life-saving surgery, she left viewers angry. After landing a dangerous infection, the reality star threatened to leave the rehab.

During last week’s episode, Tammy’s hard work paid off and she finally received bariatric surgery.

However, instead of slowing down, she was eager to reach her weight loss goal and therefore focused on eating right, working out and going to therapy.

Although it was initially going well, disaster struck when Tammy landed a trachea infection and was required to be on an IV drip for 10 days.

This was a major blow for the 36-year-old as the infection pushed back her release date.

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Viewers fumed as Tammy fell back into her old ways and resorted to making things difficult for her siblings, after threatening to check out of rehab.

Many took to Twitter with rage including @notauntblazer who tweeted: “Tammy makes me so damn mad sometimes I swear.”

@natttt_b added: “Tammy is so damn selfish always inconveniencing her siblings to put their lives on hold to accommodate her… So ungrateful.”

An angered @KCeeDeevaShow shared: “Ugh I just can’t stand the way Tammy talks to and treats her family as much as they help her.”

A fourth fan @dezireme2 remarked: “Tammy, you have to earn respect, you don’t just get it by screaming and yelling at people.”

A disappointed @leemahbo wrote: “Damn Tammy acting out again.”

While @SalsaGuyNy asked: “Ok wtf is Tammy’s problem?”

During the episode, Tammy’s family discussed her early return and agreed she should stay in the rehab facility.

Her brother, Chris Combs stated: “She got the bacterial infection at the facility, so if she can get one there, she can definitely get one at home.”

Speaking to cameras, he continued: “The b***h has been blowing the phone up begging, ranting, pleading for us to come get her.

“Tammy’s being the most persistent person on coming home that I’ve ever seen, if this b***h acted this way on a diet we would’ve never been here.

“We would’ve taken care of this 29 years ago,” Chris added.

During a video call to Tammy and Chris told her: “As it stands right now, nobody here is trained to take care of you 24 hours a day or is able to.”

However, Tammy fumed: “I don’t give a f**k, I’m not staying here.”

After Chris suggested they find another facility, she raged: “I’m not staying at another f******g facility.”

She insisted: “I know how to take care of it myself, I’m not staying here,” and threatened: “Either you come to get me at the end of next week or I’m leaving and I’ll figure out my own f*****g way.”

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC.

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