17 Coronation Street virtual pub quiz questions

Our weekly doses of Coronation Street have been rationed out recently after the soap was forced to shut down production amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led us to reminiscing about some of the show’s most memorable moments.

From Alan Bradley’s dramatic death to Deirdre Barlow and Mike Baldwin’s affair, there’s been plenty of drama on the Cobbles over the years since the show first hit our screens in 1960 and what better way to our knowledge about the goings on in Weatherfield than with a Coronation Street virtual pub quiz?

So if you’re a Corrie fan, settle down with a cuppa and see if you can answer these questions – then test your mates in your next virtual pub quiz. A virtual drink atThe Rovers Return Inn for anyone who can get them all correct!

Q: Who is the longest running character on Coronation Street?
A: Ken Barlow (he’s been in the soap since the very first episode!)

Q: What was the original title of the soap before it was renamed ‘Coronation Street’?
A: Creator Tony Warren had to rename the series from its original title Florizel Street

Q: Who played Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street until last year?
A: Katie McGlynn

Q: Which stalwart of the street said goodbye to the soap on Christmas Day 1987 and was sent off with a sing-a-long in the Rovers?
A: Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander)


Q: What dramatic event did Coronation Street stage during their live episode to celebrate the soap’s 50th birthday in 2010?
A: The iconic tram crash

Q: What were Les and Cilla Battersby doing when they crashed through a ceiling together?
A: Having a bath with their dog

Q: Who did Gail Platt describe as ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase’?
A: Her serial killer ex-husband Richard Hillman

Q: Coronation Street featured the first transgender character in a UK soap opera, but what was her name?
A: Hayley Cropper

Q: How was Alan Bradley killed in 1989?
A: He was hit by a tram as he chased Rita across the tracks

Q: Which character did actress Michelle Keegan play on Corrie?
A: Tina McIntyre

Q: How old was Sarah-Louise Platt when she gave birth to her daughter, Bethany?
A: 13

Q: What record did Jack Duckworth put on before passing away in 2010?
A: A Matt Munro record

Q: Who took everyone in the Bistro hostage and shot Michelle Connor in 2018?
A: Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre)

Q: Who played Rosie Webster in the soap from 2000–2018?
A: Helen Flanagan

Q: How did Tracy Barlow murder Charlie Stubbs in 2007?
A: Using a heavy brass ornament, which she reached for while dancing to Oasis

Q: Who composed the iconic Coronation Street theme tune?
A: Eric Spear

Q: Which member of the British royal family has appeared in Corrie?
A: H.R.H. Prince Charles, who made an appearance on the show’s 40th Anniversary episode in 2000

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