17 Questions I Had Watching The New "Lion King" As An Adult

1.Do the lions ever feel guilty about eating animals they can have whole-ass conversations with?

Seems like it’d be a little off-putting.

2.Speaking of which…does Simba keep eating grubs when he takes his place as king?

And does he convert the whole pride to the grub life?

3.By the way, can lions even survive eating a 100% grub diet?

Is that what warthogs and meerkats actually eat too?

4.Also, do the grubs not talk?

Where is the line drawn here?

5.If Mufasa and Scar are the only adult male lions around…who exactly fathered all those other cubs?

Honestly this is kinda haunting me.

6.Are…are Nala and Simba brother and sister?


7.Why doesn’t Scar just murder Simba himself, since he’s already killed Mufasa?

Sending the hyenas after him just seems like sloppy villainy.

8.Did we really need to spend a whole 10 minutes watching a beetle roll a ball of poop with a clump of Simba’s hair stuck in it?

Okay, it wasn’t 10 whole minutes…but it sure felt like it.

9.Exactly how much time passes between Mufasa’s death and Simba’s return?

It’s not entirely clear.

10.It seems like it’s been years…so why does Scar wait so long to make his move on Sarabi?

She seems shocked by his proposal, but surely he’s been harassing her this whole time?

11.Why didn’t the lionesses just team up to take down Scar, anyway?

They totally could have done it without Simba.

12.And why do they believe Scar’s version of events about Mufasa’s death?

He’s not exactly trustworthy.

13.Why didn’t Zazu call him on his BS?

Zazu KNEW Scar was there to supposedly help Mufasa.

14.What do the hyenas do after ripping Scar apart?

Do they just slink off back to the elephant graveyard?

15.Why did the filmmakers think it’d be weird if the animals expressed too much human emotion…but not if they did whole musical numbers?

It was a little jarring, ngl.

16.Do kids who watch this version without seeing the original feel the same way as we all did about the first movie?

Namely, obsessed and also low-key traumatised for life?

17.Finally, will I cry every time I think about Mufasa for the rest of my life?

(The answer is yes.)

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