24 Hours in A&E viewers horrified as schoolgirl, 15, stabbed by total stranger on the way to class

24 HOURS in A&E viewers were shocked to watch the story of a 15-year-old girl who was stabbed while walking to school.

Meldred, 15, was walking to school in London with a friend when a stranger came up behind her and stabbed her in the thigh.

The teenager was taken to St George's Hospital in Tooting and doctors gave her an urgent CT scan to see if there was any internal damage.

A paramedic who attended Meldred at the scene described how the teen "only realised she had been stabbed when she saw blood on the floor".

Police response officer PC Harris said hearing the call that a teen had been stabbed was "the last thing I expected to hear".

"I've never been to an under 18-year-old who had been stabbed," PC Harris said.

"I was trying to get us to the right place as soon as possible, your palms start to get sweaty, you start to maybe shake a little bit because you've got a lot of adrenaline.

"Being the first on scene is quite a high pressure feeling. If she's been stabbed in the leg, there is a strong chance she might have an arterial bleed. If it is, you have seconds to do something about it."

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The episode also say Meldred's mum, Joyce, describing getting the call.

"That morning, I saw  Meldred in my room doing her hair. When she finished, she called, 'Mum I'm going to school', and I thought, 'okay I'll see you later'. And she closed the door," Joyce started.

"A few minutes later and I heard the house line ringing. It was my husband and he said 'Meldred got stabbed'.

Joyce added: "I was shaking, nervous, shock – that moment, [I wondered] Why Meldred?

"I didn't know where the knife went. I was asking myself a lot of questions like what happened and is she going to be okay? Am I going to see her alive or am I going to see her dead?"

The worried mum described her daughter as "the daughter everyone wishes they had. She is my joy, and she knows how to talk to people. She will make you happy".

A medical consultant named Mark explained to camera how serious the stabbing could have been.

"The knife will go through skin and muscle first and then damage any number of deeper structures, from tendons, ligaments and arteries," Mark said.

"It can be a range of minor injuries through to something fatal."

The episode later saw police speaking to Meldred about identifying her attacker.

She explained she had "never seen him before" but she would "instantly recognise him" if she saw him again.

The police told her: "This is so rare, so so rare. Do you know if he touched your friend at all?"

Meldred replied: "No, I kind of moved her in front of me. Do you have any idea why someone would do something like that?"

The officers said she was "just very unlucky" and that she just happened "to be in the same place when he decided to strike".

"You can't blame yourself because you couldn't have done anything differently," they said.

Doctors also told the teen it "completely normal to feel angry, scared or upset".

Meldred later explained she was slowly starting to feel better.

"I am starting to regain my strength and regain my confidence. Growing up in London, you always hear about other children being affected by this violence and kids your age dying," she said.

"You just never thought it would be you."

She added: "I'm still determined to do everything that I wanted to do . I shouldn't allow certain things to push me off my track and make me feel weak or lesser than.

"I definitely feel I gained that resilience from my mum. I realise how much influence she has on me all the time."

Viewers watching were shocked at what happened to Meldred.

"Poor girl. She was just walking to school," wrote one on Twitter.

Another added: "Blimey! What a way to start the episode."

And a third commented: "Just watched #24HrsAE. What kind of world are we living in when a 15 year old girl gets stabbed by a complete stranger while walking to school!?"

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