'90 Day Fiancé': Sumit Prepares to Speak With His Parents About Jenny Slatten

On 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, the relationship between Jenny Slatten and Sumit has been complicated from the start. Sumit was actually catfishing Jenny at first with someone else’s photos. Despite that important detail, Jenny chose to stay with Sumit and try to make things work. After picking up her life in Palm Springs, California to start over in India with Sumit, Jenny learns that Sumit is already married in an arranged marriage.

After Sumit’s family comes to get him from his apartment with Jenny to bring him home, Jenny goes back to the United States. However, she chooses to forgive him, and moves again to be with Sumit in India. He’s now going through a divorce with his wife, and the process is underway.

Sumit’s family doesn’t approve of his relationship with Jenny

Jenny is 62 and Sumit is 32, making them three decades apart in age. It’s a source of concern for Sumit’s parents, who don’t approve of the relationship because of the age difference. This week, we finally meet Sumit’s parents, Sahna and Anil. Sumit’s father reveals that they met Jenny in 2013. They were under the impression that Sumit and Jenny were Facebook friends and she wanted to visit India. She actually lived with them for four months.

Sahna says that she “showed her a lot of love.” She had no idea the relationship was anything other than friendship. “I never thought they were more than just friends,” Sahna tells producers.

Anil says he noticed Sumit “talking” to Jenny at night. “I realize that are having some relationship. More than friends,” he says. “I was shocked. She is too old.”

Sahna calls Sumit and Jenny’s relationship “inappropriate,” and says, “She should have treated Sumit like her son. I thought Jenny had a good nature. But after seeing this, I don’t like her at all.”

Anil says his “dream” is to play with grandchildren. “He has smashed our dreams,” he tells producers about Sumit.

Sumit prepares to talk with his parents about Jenny

The day has arrived, and Sumit is preparing to leave to talk to his parents. He asks Jenny to wish him luck. “Good luck,” Jenny says. “I hope you come back.” Sumit hasn’t spoken to his parents since he told them he was moving in with Jenny. They’ve now agreed to talk with him, and it’s promising news.

“It’s great that they’re willing to talk, but how do you think it’s going to go?” Jenny asks Sumit.

Sumit says he’s nervous, and Jenny agrees that she is as well. “I know this is important for us,” Sumit says. “And that’s why I want to do it.”

Sumit hopes his parents will see that they love each other, and that they really want to be together. “But I want them to realize how much we love each other, how much this relation means for both of us,” Sumit tells Jenny. He wants his parents to accept his relationship with Jenny. “They need to understand that this is not something that we can change or we want to change because we are both in love. A true love,” he continues.

‘I love Jenny, and I’m ready to fight for her’

With high hopes going into the conversation, Sumit prepares to go to his parents’ place. He walks along the road, headed toward his future. His parents are waiting for him, and Sumit walks up the stairs to their home.

“I’m ready to go to my parents to talk to them,” Sumit tells producers. “But like, as closer and closer, it’s like, I feel more and more nervous. I don’t want to lose my family. I want them to keep loving me as their son. But at the same time, I want to be happy too. I love Jenny, and I’m ready to fight for her.”

The episode cuts short as Sumit is about to walk through the door to his parents on the other side. It sounds like he’s more than ready to have this conversation. There’s no turning back now. How will Sumit’s talk with his parents go? We’ll have to wait and find out.

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