All Creatures Great and Small fans baffled by Hugh Hulton twist: Why did he do that?

All Creatures Great and Small: Helen and James discuss Hugh

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The Channel 5 period drama once again escorted viewers to an idyllic 1930s haven as James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) was coerced into taking part in an important cricket match. Along with a brotherly dispute and a troublesome dog, All Creatures Great and Small saw James and Helen Alderson (Rachel Shenton) continue to fall in love. However, Hugh Hulton (Matthew Lewis) was back in tonight’s episode, and James’ reaction left many viewers baffled.

After being convinced to take part in the match, James began receiving tips from Siegfried Farnon (Samual West) and his brother Tristan (Callum Woodhouse).

The two were still at loggerheads after Siegfried lied to him about his veterinary exam results, which he had failed.

Meanwhile, Mrs Pumphrey’s (Patricia Hodge) beloved Pekingese Tricki Woo (Derek) had startled her with his sudden amorous behaviour towards neighbouring dog Bella.

During the cricket match, James began to feel jealous after spotting Helen’s ex Hugh chatting to her.

During the break, he approached her, saying: “Saw you chatting with Hugh.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “We had a really good talk, I feel like we’ve cleared the air.”

“Right,” James answered abruptly. Puzzled, Helen asked him what’s wrong.

“Just wondered why he was kissing you,” the vet admitted.

“Kissing me? Oh, that was nothing,” she explained, adding: “He just wants to be friends.”

“And he’s giving you a pedigree bull to prove it,” James added.

Helen told him: “Yeah, well I said I’m not accepting the bull – of course not.

“It was a kind gesture but we’re not in need of charity however well-meant.”

This seemed to put James’ mind at rest, and he went on to let Hugh win the match.

Fans questioned the decision, with LouiseW taking to Twitter to say: “Well, James is a bigger man than me.

“Throwing the game to make Hugh happy. Cos he got the real prize. Helen. Very sweet #acgas.”

Edwin Petersen asked: “Did Helen signal him to let Hugh win? #AllCreaturesGreatandSmall #ACGAS.”

@cfleetshuffle penned: “Me, a complete unromantic: WHY DID YOU LET HUGH WIN #AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall @AllCreaturesTV.”

Debbie Blackman wrote: “I don’t think James and Helen have to worry as I think Hugh and Margot have a thing for each other #AllCreaturesGreatandSmall #ACGAS.”

Nicholas Angus asked: “#ACGAS Hugh is back then? Grrr,” while Caislean commented: “Hugh is back (Grimacing face) #ACGAS#ACGAS.”

“Really enjoyed the cricket match,” shared Susan Dale.

All Creatures Great and Small continues on Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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