Annabelle Comes Homes spoilers: Is there an after credits scene and does movie ending set up a sequel?

The new horror film Annabelle Comes Home arrives in theaters on Wednesday as the latest in the popular Conjuring franchise of films. Once again, the doll named Anabelle is the star of the show here with terror unleashed on several people in different ways.

The movie boasts other villains too that several individuals must deal with. So will there be a sequel for the movie based on its ending? Read on for some Annabelle Comes spoilers regarding that and more.

Annabelle Comes Home early revenue, reception

The new movie goes head-to-head with two other toy-driven films. The Disney/Pixar sequel Toy Story 4 is currently ruling the box office. Meanwhile, Chucky is also back in a Child’s Play reboot (spoilers) and is scaring up revenue at the theaters as of last Friday.

Critics’ reviews so far are on pace with the Child’s Play movie that’s in theaters. As of this report, Annabelle Comes Home has an aggregate score of 63 percent based on just 52 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus indicates “there’s still some life left in the Conjuring franchise,” but also notes it’s not quite as scary as previous films in the series.

Annabelle Comes Home spoilers: Movie ending, credits, a possible sequel?

Spoiler alert here if you’ve yet to see any of the other films, or don’t want to ruin the new Annabelle Comes Home plot or ending. The newest film will have a familiar premise for fans who’ve seen the others. Annabelle is a doll who causes evil to happen to those around it.

In this film, that’s especially true as the doll is originally locked inside a glass case to prevent trouble but is ultimately released by a curious young girl. That allows the doll to start bringing to life other cursed items, creatures, or demons from the room of artifacts and odd items she’s stored in.

That storage area is in the basement of the Warrens’ home and their daughter Judy, who has psychic abilities, is under the care of a teenage babysitter Mary Ellen while they’re away. Mary Ellen’s friend Daniela also comes over.

Spoiler alert: It’s Daniela who decides to go into the basement and mess with things, causing all of the trouble.

Once Annabelle gets going, other haunted items and beings join the party. They include a Ferryman with coins for eyes, a haunted suit of a Samurai armor, a man possessed by a werewolf, a creepy toy monkey, and a knife-wielding bride brought to life from a wedding dress.

There are really just three girls stuck in the house dealing with all these haunted happenings, and based on most reviews, it’s not that scary despite the R rating. This film isn’t super violent, and all three girls escape pretty much unharmed.

So don’t expect any gruesome deaths, just jump scares or creep-out scenes here or there. The girl who gets possessed by the wedding dress requires a special ceremony to get the spirit out of her. There are some attacks but mostly the good people win. In the end, the three girls team up to stop the doll and Annabelle is locked back in the protective case.

While there is no Annabelle Comes Home after or mid-credits scene to stay for, speculation is that a sequel or spin-off is highly probable. This franchise continues to earn money at the box office, and that usually means there is more to come.

In the video below from Nerdist, those attached to the film discuss some of the Easter eggs and spoilers in the film.

Based on the different items or beings that come to life to haunt characters in this film, an origin/prequel type film or even newer spinoff involving any of those could happen. Remember The Nun?

Also, the fact that the doll is still in existence and not destroyed means it could always be taken out of that case to cause more harm.

Annabelle Comes Home, starring McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Patrick Wilson, and Vera Farmiga, hits theaters on Wednesday. 

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