Antiques Roadshow guest floored at true price of items found in charity shop bin

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    An Antiques Roadshow guest was left with their jaw on the floor after they discovered the value of sculptures that he found in a “free bin.”

    Expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan was thrilled to discover the three pieces, that the guest found in a charity shop.

    When asked when he got them, the guest explained: “We got them a number of years ago, we walked past a charity shop which had its free bin outside.

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    “And these were in the free bin.”

    Ronnie was amazed at the guest’s story and said: “Really?! They’re all good sculptures! How did they end up in the bin?"

    He added: "I reckon that’s 1945,” referring to the second sculpture.

    However, while the guest was pleased with the free items, he didn't think they were valuable.

    But Ronnie knew otherwise, as while picking up the first one, he said “I would say this one’s £300 to £400.”

    Looking at the second one, he added: “I think this is £200 to £300 to £400.”

    As for the last sculpture, Ronnie issued the guest a warning.

    “If this was German Expressionist, it would be £50,000 upwards.”

    The guest looked totally stunned and looked at the camera, while laughing out loud at the expert’s evaluation.

    Ronnie went on: “But as it is I still think it’s £500, £600, £700, £800.”

    The guest said: “I’m amazed. Amazing, thank you!”

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    In last weeks episode, a guest brought along a trunk he had found at his mother-in-law's house, which she used for her tools.

    But it wasn't just any old piece of luggage as it turned out to be a vintage Louis Vuitton piece, which had been purchased for around £25 in a junk shop in the 80s.

    After studying the item, expert Hilary revealed that with the right buyer it could go for a minimum of £5,000 at auction but could even fetch £7,500.

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