Antiques Roadshow guest gasps over valuation of uncommon miniature teapot

Antiques Roadshow: Silver teapot worth £12k

Antiques Roadshow expert Duncan Campbell left one guest lost for words after he shared the valuation of an “uncommon” miniature silver teapot.

The expert explained to the guest and his wife that he would “struggle” to replace the tiny item that was handed down to him by his uncle.

Duncan beamed at the unique teapot as he admitted he was “envious” of the guest.

The expert began: “This is the nicest teapot I’ve certainly ever seen on an Antiques Roadshow – arguably, I’ve ever seen, I absolutely adore it, and I’m more than a little bit envious!”

When asked how he got it, the guest replied: “I got it from my great uncle and aunt who didn’t have children.

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“So they spent their money on collecting stuff and this is one of the things that they collected.”

While he didn’t know how much his uncle paid for the silver teapot, the guest said when he took it to his local jeweler, his “eyes lit up”.

As he inspected the teapot, Duncan went on: “Well, it’s now in the hands of somebody whose eyes have been lit up ever since you showed it to me.

“I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a miniature of what they call a bullet teapot because of the shape.

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“It’s been beautifully engraved on the top with a decorative band. It’s made by a man called Paul de Lamerie, who is… I was going to say arguably… he’s not arguably, he is the most sought-after silversmith in English silversmithing

“What he didn’t make with funny little toys like this. So to find a Paul de Lamerie miniature is remarkably uncommon.

“It was made in 1728, which makes it George II…just.”

Turning his attention to the valuation, Duncan said the guest would “struggle” to replace the teapot.

“There is sure to be one out there somewhere even if I haven’t seen it,” he said. “It’s going to cost you at least £12,000.”

The audience and the guest’s wife let out a gasp before he replied: “Wow, I will have to reinsure it. I knew it was special, but it’s nice to have that confirmed!”

Duncan concluded: “It’s absolutely beautiful, if there was one piece of silver I could take home from all the roadshows I’ve ever done, it would be this one.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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