Antiques Roadshow: Vase which has survived World War II bombings given huge valuation

Antiques Roadshow: Art Nouveau vase valued at over £8000

Over the years, the experts on Antiques Roadshow have seen many vases brought along and their origins discussed. In an episode from 2015, Will Farmer had the honour of looking at a beautiful art nouveau vase which had survived the Second World War. But who was the craftsperson and how much was it worth? 

“Well, here we are in front of an English country house with the most beautiful piece of French art nouveau,” Will began. “And at the end of the 19th century, art nouveau was a movement which was really taking Europe by storm. 

“So I’ve got to ask, what’s your connection, how do you own such a beautiful piece?” 

“It has travelled a very, very long way, it has come from Kyiv, in Ukraine,” the guest said. “Any my grandmother bought it, I think 75 maybe 80 years ago before the Second World War. 

“My mother and my grandmother went to the market, the food market just to do their weekly shop and when they were leaving the market they spotted this vase and they bought it – I don’t know how much they paid.” 

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As for how he came to own the item, the man continued: “It stayed in the family all this time, it survived the Second World War. 

“My grandfather was fighting at the front – he survived [Second World War], my mother was stranded with relatives and she spent years after Nazi occupation and then when they came back to Kyiv in 1945, and they saw this big bundle, and inside the bundle was all this crockery and inside was this vase. 

“So it’s survived all those trials and tribulations.” 

The guest’s partner added: “We actually discovered what it might be, completely by accident!

“I went to Berlin for my friend’s wedding and I popped into a lovely little art nouveau and deco museum there and I suddenly saw a vase which looked strikingly similar to this one – especially this amber colour and also the patterns. 

“And I thought ‘What’s going on there?’ And I looked at the artist and it was Emile Galle. 

“So I came back home to London and we did a little bit of internet research and we looked a the sign at the bottom and apparently one Emile Galle’s signatures looks like that.” 

Will then said: “So your question today is; are you right? You’re not sure, are you? You’re right. 

“When we look underneath, you mentioned this glorious mark, which you couldn’t quite read, But actually it’s all there and inside, we’ve got this fancy signature which the minute I saw it I knew it said, Galle.” 

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The expert then gave some context: “Emile Galle at the end of the 19th century was one of those artists who really took the movement of art nouveau in France to a whole new level. 

“It is what we would term a cameo and it has everything. 

“This vase really isn’t short of anything for you! You’ve got these applied pads of colour onto the centres of the sunflowers and internally, included foil with each pick up of colour and glass. 

“And the whole thing has been carved, and acid cut and treated to produce this beautiful piece which has influences of the far east, influences of Japan. 

“It’s such a piece of aesthetic art it’s breathtaking!” Will exclaimed. 

“This piece is around 1890. It’s good, but how good?” 

“Tell us please,” the couple requested. 

“Well, if you had to go out and replace this vase, you are looking at something in the region of £8,000 to £12,000,” wIll revealed. 

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now. 

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