Anxious Amelia reveals a big decision in Emmerdale

Amelia Spencer’s (Daisy Campbell) world has crumbled when the judge dropped the axe of her dad serving eight years in prison. Life as she knows it is over, and it’s set to change even more in Emmerdale.

The young mum has been desperately trying to put on a brave face and wanted to keep things as normal as possible for baby Esther.

After Dan’s (Liam Fox) extremely harsh sentencing, Amelia’s immediate default was to show the world she and Esther would be fine.

But her resolve was heavily tested with first Sam (James Hooton) putting the fear of God in her that her dad would be beaten up in prison, and second Claudette (Flo Wilson), who shoved her way into Amelia’s life without asking, breaking her dad’s special mug in the process.

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But a short conversation with Charles (Kevin Mathurin) saw Amelia’s façade finally slip and she admitted she was not coping. Some wise words from the reverend saw her pick up her spirits while also consider her future.

She’d planned for her and Esther to carry on as normal, but things are not working out how she’d hoped.

Amelia has hit breaking point, and it means some huge changes.

It’s a step forward that she’s now ready to accept help, but there’s one huge decision she has to make that she’s been holding back from Noah.

Her anxiety about living alone overwhelms her and she realises she can no longer remain in the cottage.

How will Noah react when she tells him? Will he move in with her and Esther?

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