Apprentice Star Lottie Lion has a nose job after being mocked by trolls and bullied at school

APPRENTICE star Lottie Lion has had a nose job after trolls mocked her.

Lottie, 21, says taunts during and after her controversial stint on the BBC One show left her a nervous wreck.

But she admits she is ashamed to have given in to her abusers and does not want to influence others.

Lottie had already been paranoid about her looks since breaking her nose during a judo event at school.

She recalls: “I had some serious self-confidence issues about my side profile and appearance in general.

“I was bullied at school because of my nose, but between the ages of 17 to 19 was able to regain confidence, coming to terms with my unconventional looks.”

But she then went on the 2019 series of The Apprentice and quickly became the show’s villain before being fired by Lord Sugar.

She was even banned from appearing on spin-off shows after complaints from fellow candidates.

It led to her getting abuse online and even being spat on in the street.

In February, she told The Sun that the reality show had ruined her life. But she is now happier after her recent nose op.

She said: “I get messages and comments on a daily basis about my looks and what I should get changed.

"I feel slightly ashamed for having given in to these trolls — I still am an advocate for loving yourself and body-positivity.

"But I believe that if you are truly unhappy about something you should change it. I did this for myself, no one else.

“I really hope that young girls won’t be influenced by my decision as everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Lottie, who lives near Bristol, lost her job as a business analyst in the pandemic.

So she signed up to meet wealthy older men on a sugar daddies’ website.

That ended with her contacting police over threats.

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