'Bachelor' Contestant Tammy Ly Apologizes for Being "Nasty" to Mykenna Dorn

[Warning: Bachelor spoilers ahead!]

Sorry, I know that you’re probably exhausted from watching 5 hours of The Bachelor this week and are still mentally and physically recovering, but you’ve gotta buck up, cause we have contestant drama to discuss.

During Wednesday night’s episode, contestants Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn got into it, with Tammy questioning whether Mykenna was ready for marriage and saying that she acts like a child. The two then got into a screaming match, which landed them in the principal’s office a two-on-one with Peter.

Their feuding only continued there though, and Tammy accused Mykenna of going on the show for her personal brand, while Mykenna made a very cringey speech about lord knows what to Tammy. But now it looks like Tammy regrets her behavior, cause yesterday she tweeted an apology, saying she “never meant to hurt anyone”:

Ok I’m going to address this once and for all- remember that this is a show. I do take responsibility for my actions and I never intended to hurt anyone. I am very sorry to those I did hurt but my heart was never coming from a intentional malicious place.

I tend to gravitate toward humor in situations like this bc I’m not trying to mourn in the past mistakes I’ve made. We’re all human. All of us have done things we’re not proud of. So please hear me when I say- I never meant to hurt anyone and I’m sorry.

My 5 minute “nasty” moment on TV doesn’t define who I am. Just like how your mistakes don’t define who you are either. Remember that all of us who participated in this show are human too and some of you say nastier things to us than we do to each other.

And just in case you’re wondering, Mykenna has yet to respond.

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