‘Bachelor’ Star Demi Burnett Accuses Reality Steve of Inappropriate Behavior

Rachael Kirkconnell’s problematic past and her appearance during Matt James’s season of The Bachelor sent shock waves through the entire Bachelor fandom, and although backlash toward her actions has significantly died down in the time since, another Bachelor Nation controversy is brewing as we speak: Demi Burnett is now accusing of Reality Steve—the highly esteemed source for intel regarding the Bachelor franchise, its people, and beyond—of using his power and influence to make an “unwanted and unprompted sexual advance” toward her.

Before Demi opened up publicly, Bachelor star Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose spoke during their most recent episode of their Chatty Broads podcast about Steve’s behavior toward them, specifically his negative treatment of contestant Jade Roper on Chris Soules’s Bachelor season in 2015. Once Steve heard he was the subject of criticism, he apologized for his actions, said he was “embarrassed” by his old blogs, and acknowledged just how problematic and harmful they were.

“Those that have followed me in recent years have recognized the change in my blog, in my tweets, and on my podcast,” Steve wrote. “I do not think that way anymore & I hope my behavior in recent years has proven that. I’m sorry to anyone who had to read those things. I am and will continue to do better.”

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