'Bachelor' Star John Paul Jones Made a Thanksgiving Album and Said He Would Invite Luke P. to Friendsgiving Dinner

It’s a known fact that once most Bachelor Nation contestants leave the show, they tend to go on and have pretty successful sponcon-filled careers as influencers. The show is a huge springboard for whatever they want to pursue, and some of them even try to use the exposure to launch their music careers. Ahem, Jed Wyatt. But we’re not talking about Jed and his weird obsession with turd-colored clothing. We’re here to talk about chicken nugget king John Paul Jones entering the Thanksgiving pop industry.

In case you haven’t noticed, there are plenty of Halloween and Christmas songs, but, like, no Thanksgiving songs. (As a non-music journalist, I’m going to venture to say that Destiny’s Child’s “Apple Pie à la Mode” and the “beans, greens potatoes, tomatoes,” song are about the closest we come.) So JPJ took it upon himself to fill that gap and release a four-song EP of Thanksgiving music under the name The Honey Baked Jam Band & John Paul Jones. According to a since-deleted page on CD Baby, the goal is to infuse earbuds with “HoneyBaked jams that pair perfectly with your Friendsgiving ham.”

The songs include “Tryptophan,” “All Gravy,” “Thanks for Coming, It’s My Bedtime,” and “Friendsgiving.” And today is your lucky day because the latter song is on YouTube so you can listen to all the clever ways JPJ snuck Bachelor references into the lyrics. Some highlights:

Well, I know what I’m going to be blasting to tune out whatever debates are happening at the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Talking to Refinery29 about his new pursuit, JPJ also mentioned that he’d consider inviting everyone from Bachelor Nation (even Luke P.!) to his hypothetical Friendsgiving party. Being an optimist, he explained, “Wouldn’t that be cool, if Luke P. became friends with everybody and made amends? Wouldn’t that be great?” Sure. Good luck with that!

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