BBC Blankety Blank viewers recognise contestant from The Undateables

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Eagle-eyed Blankety Blank viewers noticed a familiar contestant on BBC programme, Blankety Blank.

Fatima Timbo from London had hopes of winning big on the latest episode of Blankety Blank on Saturday night, but some spectators noticed that the player appeared on Channel 4's The Undateables a few years prior.

Introducing herself to presenter Bradley Walsh, Fatima told viewers that she worked as a social media influencer.

But fans who quickly recognised her took to Twitter to share their thoughts on where they've seen her before.

One viewer penned: "I swear Fatima currently on #blanketyblank was on the undateables – she had a date with a French guy."

Another said: "I remember the lovely Fatima from The Undateables…"

A third wrote: "I'm sure that Fatima was on The Undateables."

Meanwhile another confused viewer asked: "Where have I seen Fatima before??"

Fatima previously appeared on the Channel 4 dating show hoping to bag herself a man.

However, due to her dwarfism, the stunning brunette confessed that she was worried that men would fetishize her height.

During the programme, when Fatima was asked what her perfect date was, she explained that she wanted a man who could take her to a fancy restaurant where she could eat lobster.

Later on in the episode, Fatima was seen meeting her date, Daniel who was originally from Paris.

While getting ready for the date, Fatima admitted she was excited to meet him and said he looked "trendy" in the pictures that she was presented.

Fatima also made sure she was ready for the date, which was her second ever.

Preparing for her meeting, Fatima exclaimed: "I need to find time to get my hair done and my nails done."

And it seems like Fatima's effort was worth it as the pair got on great during their first date.

Fatima also admitted that she liked Daniel's French accent, meanwhile he described her as a female version of himself.

The pair ended their meeting by exchanging numbers but not much is known on whether they are still in contact now.

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