BBC Breakfast sparks outrage as trainer defends XL Bully ban to attack victim

BBC Breakfast sparks outrage as dog trainer ‘defends’ Bully XL ban in front of victim

BBC Breakfast viewers were left outraged after dog behaviourist Hannah Malloy appeared to ‘defend’ XL Bully’s following an attack on a young girl, who was also a guest on the show.

Naga Munchetty and co-host Ben Thompson were joined in the studio on Saturday by Amy Hobson and her daughter Luna, who was attacked by an XL Bully in April.

Amy described the ordinary day when, along with her daughter and son, she went shopping with her friend who is the owner of an American Bulldog crossed with an XL Bully.

When the family returned to their friend’s house to help her with her shopping, the person’s ‘really big’ dog attacked Luna despite being familiar with her.

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Luna said: “I put my hand out to stroke him and he pushed me to the floor and got my face.”

Amy then went on to describe the panic to get the dog off of her daughter to get her out of danger.

She said: “I picked her up from the floor and her hair was all over her face, so I moved her hair from her face and that’s when I saw how bad her face actually was. And that one there went all the way inside her mouth.”

Naga went on to point out the scarring on the side of the girl’s face before a photo of her after the attack was shown on screen.

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The dog hasn’t been destroyed and is currently in the police kennels while a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service is made to determine if the dog will be kept alive or destroyed.

Naga then asked dog expert Hannah her view on the process of the police holding the dog following the attack.

Hannah replied: “Actually I’m really impressed, that this is what the process has been because usually, the dog is immediately put to sleep.

“In cases where there’s been a severe bite especially on a child, I was bitten as a baby actually on the face, bitten by a Jack Russell, a totally different story but in the 80s we just put that dog down, so I’m grateful they are keeping the dog to look at its behaviour, so a behaviourist will come in and asses the dog see.”

BBC Breakfast viewers were left shocked at Hannah’s reaction to the dog who attacked Luna as she appeared to defend the XL Bully.

Taking to X, @kevdixon4 wrote: “The dog behaviourist comparison of a Jack Russell bite to the American bully type dog that bit the little girl was pretty shocking,#BBCBreakfast these XL Bully’s should be banned.”

@busy1971 stated: “You cannot defend a dog that did that to a child. #BBCBreakfast.”

“Dog trainer woman on BBC Breakfast defending XL Bully who disfigured a little girl. Who is sat in front of her. #BBCBreakfast”, added another.

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