BBC Breakfasts Charlie Stayt praised by fans for riling up MP over fuel cost

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BBC Breakfast fans were full of praise after Charlie Stayt caught out MP Dominic Raab over the current fuel price.

The 59-year-old broadcaster was heaped with support from viewers watching at home after he'd tried to trip over the Conservative party member over how much his own fuel had cost of resent.

Charlie asked: "What's the highest petrol and diesel prices that you have seen on your travels?"

"Well in terms of diesel I'm not sure because I've chipped in my diesel for an unleaded but I think last time I went to the pumps it was about £1.65 for a litre of unleaded," added Mr Raab.

Responding, Charlie explained: "So it has gone up more since than," he added: "I'm not trying to catch you out on this I am just trying to get gist of it because it's going up."

Before the host had a chance to finish off his sentence, Mr Raab chirped back: "I filled up this week, so I am just telling you from my day-today experience, the last time I filled up."

You'll know very well Dominic Raab, that people in the real world are trying to deal with things and those pump prices as you go past them, they go up by the day," fumed Charlie.

Over on Twitter, fans went wild for Charlie for "riling" up Dominic during the clever and tactical interview.

One person said: "Raab getting defensive there with Charlie… I like that Charlie can rile him like that… shows him for the weak minister he is #BBCBreakfast."

Another barked: "So @DominicRaab thinks that because he knows the price of petrol the Tories are totally in touch with the general public LOL #BBCBreakfast."

A third said: "Raab trying to catch Charlie out – he really hasn’t got the intellect. #BBCBreakfast."

While others hailed Charlie, adding: "Dominic Raab being as slippery and smug as usual #BBCBreakfast #GoCharlie," and "Great interview Charlie! #BBCBreakfast."

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