Beat The Chasers viewers fume after Bradley Walsh's 'slow' questions 'rob' contestant of £10k

BEAT The Chasers viewers were left up in arms last night after they claimed a contestant was 'robbed' of winning £10,000 due to Bradley Walsh reading out his questions too slow.

Gordon wowed host Bradley with his impressive knowledge during yesterday's instalment and romped through to the final round.

The game show hopeful was then given the option of playing against two to five of the Chasers increasing amounts of money, but with a decreasing time advantage against him.

In a bid to bank £10,000, Gordon decided to go against three Chasers – which many at home believed would be an easy task for the knowledgeable contestant.

However, Gordon faced several stumbles and found himself on even par with the Chasers.

With a mere four seconds to go on the timer, and one on the Chasers clock, Gordon was faced with having to answer his question at speed to bring home the cash prize.

But what many didn't expect was how long presenter Bradley would take reading out a question, which left Gordon with no time to answer.

Viewers were left devastated for "robbed" Gordon and blamed Bradley for his unfair "loss".

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Bradley just lost that for Gordon by taking too long to ask the next question".

"Starting a GoFund Me for Gordon after he was robbed," a second shared.

Yet, others claimed that Chaser Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha didn't press his button when he answered the question about Jane Austin novel at 18 seconds – meaning Gordon should have won and Paul's answer disqualified.

"Paul answered a question against Gordon and he didn't press the button, or the voice saying his name didn't work. #BeatTheChasers," a viewer pointed out.

Another wrote: "@paulsinha you never buzzed in on the question at 16 secs on #BeatTheChasers tonight, poor Gordon done out of 10k".

"It wouldn't matter if it was a few more seconds, but 1 second left for the chaser and Paul not buzzing! Eyes Sounds like a bit of robbery to me," a third fumed.

"Go get yo money Gordon! Oh and award for slowest said answers goes to
@BradleyWalsh #BeatTheChasers".

Despite the furore online, Paul's agent has claimed that "a light goes on in front of the Chaser when they are the quickest to buzz in.

"The camera angle doesn't always catch it fully on screen, but check it out on ITV Hub, 32 mins 50 seconds in, Paul's light goes on."

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