Ben Shephard bemused by Tipping Point player’s glaringly wrong answer: ‘What did you say?’

Tipping Point: Contestant laughs at player over incorrect question

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On Saturday afternoon, Tipping Point fans got another chance to witness contestants Donall, Nazia, Simon and Gilly take on the famous machine in the hopes of pocketing the £10,000 jackpot. However, there could only be one winner and one by one, each contestant fell by the wayside as it was Donall who made it to the final round. And while his final battle against the machine was a classic, the biggest talking point from the episode came when player Steve left ITV host Ben Shephard struggling to comprehend his answers.

In the classic episode of Tipping Point, Ginny was the first contestant to miss out after being bested by Steve, Nazia and Donall.

But with everything to play for in the second round, each of the ITV players faced a series of quickfire questions posed by Ben.

And while each contestant slipped up every now and then, it was Steve who had a particularly tough time of things, only answering one question correctly in his 30 seconds of the allotted time.

It was his final wrong answer as the seconds slipped away which took Ben and his fellow players by surprise, however, as the GMB star put a question about Brookside to the contestant.

“Anna Friel played Beth Jordache in which Channel 4 soap first broadcast in 1982?” Ben asked as the timer quickly counted down.

Clearly unaware of the answer, the pressure got to Steve as he took a punt on a completely different show.

“Friends,” Steve replied, a sitcom that did air on Channel 4 but was originally broadcast on US network NBC.

And the slip-up didn’t go unnoticed by Ben who stopped proceedings to air his confusion.

“What did you say?!” Ben snapped while player Nazia also saw the funny side of Steve’s blunder.

“Friends,” Nazia jumped in as she chuckled along to Steve’s costly mishap.

“I don’t know, ignore that,” Steve protested as he too became aware of his mistake.

“Friends?!” Ben asked in amazement again before he turned his attention to Nazia: “You enjoyed that, didn’t you, Nazia?”

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By this point, Nazia had her head in her hands out of embarrassment for her co-star.

“You couldn’t wait to tell me what he’d said,” Ben added as he teased the Tipping Point players.

Eventually, it transpired that neither Nazia nor Steve had what it took to beat Donall to the top spot.

And he continued his fine form into the final round, answering a number of questions correctly in the hopes of knocking the jackpot counter off the shelf.

However, with the jackpot counter hanging agonisingly over the edge, Donall ran out of counters.

But in true Tipping Point style, Ben offered Donall the chance to trade in the £3,850 he’d accumulated for three extra counters.

Donall was torn as to what to do given how close the counter was to the edge but ultimately played safe and took his £3,850.

However, he was left ruing his decision as the very first counter put into the machine after as they played out the now-hypothetical scenario knocked the jackpot off.

Tipping Point continues weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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