Best and worst celebs in bed – from comedian who gave '9 orgasms in one night' to A-list star who 'lasted two seconds'

HE'S duped women out of tens of thousands of pounds – but one British woman reckons the Tindler Swindler was a flop in bed.

Samantha Hales dated Simon Leviev – real name Shimon Huyut – for a month, before he was exposed by a Netflix documentary for posing as a diamond heir and conning his conquests out of money.

Samantha, 36, from Derby, told The Sun: "He must have really improved his game in the last ten years to get money out of these girls.

"He couldn't pull any strokes in the bedroom. He was a total flop. I had to show him the ropes."

It will no doubt be a blow to Shimon's ego – but he could learn a thing or two from these celebs who've talked very frankly about their heroics (or disasters) in the bedroom.

Here we take a look at the self-proclaimed best and worst lovers.

The best…

Russell Brand: Nine times a charm

Funnyman Russell Brand, 46, boasted of being a considerate lover – whose record number of orgasms in one night was nine.

He admitted: “Once in Dublin, nine. Not even in a day, an evening. I felt exhausted the next day."

Russell – who once spent time in an American sex addiction clinic –added: "You’ve got to make sure everyone is happy.

"I think that that person you’re having sex with must have an orgasm first, or you’re not fulfilling your duty as a man."

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Gemma Collins: 'Super-flexible'

Gemma Collins says she's "super confident" and flexible in bedCredit: Instagram

TOWIE loudmouth Gemma Collins is no shrinking violet when it comes to boasting of her sexual prowess.

She told the Mirror last year: "I think everyone can have sex – any size, shape or background.

"For me, I've always been super confident in the bedroom. I'm really flexible."

Strictly's Artem: 'Best I've ever had'

Strictly's Artem Chigvintsev wasn't only a master of the ballroom, but according to his American wrestler girlfriend Nikki Bella, of the bedroom too.

She said of their sex life in 2019: "Oh, 100 per cent. The best I've ever had.

"Like, the vagina smiles every time."

Coleen Nolan's 'mystery' man: Easy, tiger!

Loose Women presenter Coleen Nolan revealed last October that she's having the best sex of her life with her then-mystery boyfriend, now known to be logistics worker Michael Jones.

The twice-married mum-of-three told the Mirror: “He’s kind, caring, funny, romantic and the sex is great.

"He’s awoken something in me. He’s awoken a tiger, which I didn’t know was there."

Halle Berry: 'I know what I like – I don't wait around'

Catwoman star Halle Berry, 55, knows how to get things purring in the bedroom.

She told Esquire magazine in 2008: “You know that stuff they say about a woman being responsible for her own orgasms? That’s all true.

"And in my case, that makes me responsible for pretty damned good orgasms these days.

"Much better orgasms than when I was 22.I’ve learned my tricks. I know what I like. I do not wait around. I initiate."

Alison Hammond: 'I like the way my body moves'

This Morning presenter and former Strictly star Alison Hammond, 47, revealed that she knows all the moves in the bedroom.

The mum-of-one previously said: "I like my body and I like the way it moves.

"Yes, I take up a bit of extra space, but I can dance and I'm great in bed!"

When asked by Closer magazine in 2020 if that was still the case, Alison replied: "Babes, once you're good in bed, you're always good in bed."

Dennis Rodman: Sex 'all over the place'

Model Carmen Electra had nothing but praise for her ex-husband Dennis Rodman's stamina.

She said in 2020 that she and the basketball ace had "sex all over the damn place," adding: “In the physical therapy room, in the weight room. Obviously on the court,” she recalled.

“To be honest, I don’t think he’s ever worked out so hard in his life.”

And the worst…

Jack Whitehall: 'Quick and quiet'

Comedian Jack Whitehall is used to poking fun at himself – and more than happy to joke about his sex life.

He once said: "I am very unadventurous in the bedroom. People go, ‘Ooh, Jack what do you like in the bedroom?’

"Just quick and quiet. Like I’m hiding from the Nazis. Sex with me is like arriving late at the theatre and trying to find your seat.

“Some shuffling, a bit of shushing, a pause and then from somewhere in the darkness just a whispered, ‘Sorry’. And never an applause."

Ashton Kutcher: Two-second wonder

Two and a Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher revealed losing his virginity was "horrible".

The star, who is divorced from Demi Moore and married to Black Swan beauty Mila Kunis, said: "It was out in the woods and it was horrible.

"The whole thing lasted like two seconds. It was really awkward."

But the 44-year-old hunk was determined to prove he could do better.

He added: "Two years later, I had sex with her again just to show her the first performance was fluke and I'd gotten better."

Hugh Hefner: 'Clothed and short-lived'

The late Playboy creator Hugh Hefner made millions from selling sex – so one would assume he'd be excellent in the sack.

However, after he died in 2017, one of his widows Crystal Harris revealed that was far from the case.

Apparently Hugh never bothered to undress for sex and the experiences were often "short-lived".

Despite all the Viagra the pensioner must've been taking, he could only manage two minutes at a time, according to Crystal.

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