Beyond Paradise bosses pay tribute to star with toughest job

Beyond Paradise: DI Humphrey Goodman meets his colleagues

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Beyond Paradise has been airing on BBC One and it saw Kris Marshall take on a new detective job as Humphrey Goodman. In the series, he works closely with DS Esther Williams (played by Zahra Ahmadi), a straight-talking colleague. The show’s stars and creators paid tribute to her when speaking exclusively with and other press.

The new series, which is set in Devon, has seen Humphrey settle into his new role at the local police station.

He has cracked a range of bizarre cases from a whole family’s disappearance to a stolen painting.

All the while he has received support from his colleague, Esther Williams, who is played by EastEnders actress, Ahmadi.

One of the show’s creators, Tim Key, praised the star for mastering a difficult role.

He said: “Zara is incredible, in some ways I think she had the toughest job of all of them.

“As she has got to stand alongside Humphrey and find him really annoying and frustrating.

“But be likeable herself and it’s very easy for the audience to take against somebody who doesn’t get along with the lead character.

“But she’s got such warmth and she’s such a clever actor and she’s really funny herself.

“So the minute we put her and Kris together in a room they just hit it off straight away.

“There are moments where you go ‘that’s it, there they are’ and it happened with her.

“They worked together on a job once but it was a small one and she was with him for a day.

“But they remembered each other and it was great, we just knew straight away.”

Tim was not the only one to praise the actress as PC Kelby Hartford star Dylan Llewellyn also spoke highly of her.

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He added she did a brilliant job at playing such a straight character amongst the “bumblingness” of the others.

“Her little reactions to it all, it always gets laughs, she’s brilliant and she’s so talented,” he said.

Tim went on to pay tribute to some of the other stars including Felicity Montagu who plays Margo Martins.

He explained: “The characters came first, Tony [Jordan] created all of these characters.

“We talked about the feel of the show and the feel of that team and then we started meeting with people.

“There were some names that when they get mentioned you’re like ‘right, we are past that now, that’s who we want it to be’.

“Felicity was one of those people, she’s comedy royalty and she’s a great actor.

“The minute she was suggested we thought she would be amazing, Dylan as well.

“Obviously we can’t have claimed to have discovered him but we were lucky to get him and he does something very special in the show.

“He’s very funny and he’s got heart, you really root for him.”

Beyond Paradise returns to BBC One on Friday, March 24

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