Big Brother star Jordan exposed as ex-housemate figures out clever motive

Big Brother's Jordan is playing a "huge game" – says ex-housemate Nicola McLean.

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Nicola has spotted Jordan's "game plan" after he has been messing with both Henry and Matty's feelings in the house. Nicola exclusively told Daily Star: "Well, I think Jordans playing everybody. And it's really confusing because I don't know if he just doesn't know what he's doing.

"You know, he is very confusing. So I'm not sure if he is just really good at playing everyone or wherever he's just confused now. I've got zero clue but I'm enjoying it. But now I just feel sorry for Henry because I think he really likes him."

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In recent scenes, Jordan shared multiple steamy kisses with Henry in the hot tub after seemingly ending his closeness with Matty. Nicola also revealed why she thinks Kerry Riches was given a backdoor eviction with no crowd waiting. The NHS manager had been consistently getting the most boos from the public and the Page 3 icon thought this could be why BB didn't let her have a normal eviction.

She explained: "Yeah, so I wasn't surprised if that was the case if they wanted to protect her, as they could have been worried about that. I felt sorry for her that she didn't a proper eviction though.

"So, it wouldn't surprise me if they did do that. Because she was getting booed every time her name was called. And obviously, listen, I think that there has got to be better duty of care. But we also have to not be so woke. If you're behaving in a certain way in there and the audience is gonna boo you – that's on you. You took the opportunity to go in there, you know what it's about… Everyone deserves a decent eviction and hers got taken away."

"I'm not sad that she's gone, I always feel sorry for people gettng those types of exits, unless you've done something really bad in there. Your walking in and your exit out is a massive part of the show, isn't it? It was my favourite thing about the whole experience.

"When that gets taken away, I can imagine you haven't completed the whole experience. So I do feel quite sorry for her for that. I think she'd be devastated because she's a really big fan of the show.

"I think she had really like schooled herself on it. She schooled herself wrong though. She was just too much for me, I think if she had said things to people's faces that she was saying behind their backs then she would have been a much better housemate. Yeah, you've got you've got to remember that people are watching you. So you know if you've got the balls to say it behind people's backs, just have the balls to say it to their face."

Big Brother airs Sunday to Thursday on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm followed by Big Brother Late & Live at 10pm

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