Big Brother star rushed to doctors after painful accident that viewers didn’t see

Big Brother star Kerry Riches has revealed that she was rushed to the doctor, after suffering a painful accident that viewers didn’t see at home.

The 40 year old became the fourth housemate to be booted out of the house on Monday, 30 October, in a shocking Halloween-themed twist.

However, since leaving the house she's revealed she suffered an extreme burn on her hand that needed medical attention.

The NHS worker told The Sun: “I burnt my hand on a hair thong that got hot very quickly, and I didn't realise it was on and straight away they asked me to go to the diary room.

“I was asked if I had any blisters – the team were really on it.”

However, that wasn’t the only medical issue that Kerry had during her nearly three weeks in the house.

Kerry has multiple sclerosis, and some of the common symptoms of the disease include vision problems, balance issues and tiredness, some of which made Kerry’s time on the show even more difficult.

On the day she left the house, Kerry says that she was “ready” to go, due to her symptoms getting more severe.

She told the publication: “I started to lose my vision a little bit in one of my eyes, optic neuritis I took a couple of paracetamols and thought my lunchtime if it was gone then it was just a headache, but if it hadn't then it was something a bit more sinister.”

Kerry also admitted that the sleep deprivation inside the house was “real,” as she added that she has never felt anything like it in her “life.”

With that in mind, Kerry explained that she “massively” underestimated that side of the show before heading in.

Kerry was nominated for eviction by her fellow housemates Noky and Trish after they were told to choose three people to face the public vote by Big Brother.

She was up against Dylan and Olivia, but the public decided it was her time to leave, and she exited the house through a coffin after Monday’s episode had aired.

Around 24 hours later, Kerry sat down with host Will Best on the spin-off show Big Brother Late and Live to talk about her time on the reality show.

However, the fact that she had a day out of the house before doing the interview didn’t go down well with fans, as normally the housemate who is evicted faces an interview instantly live on air.

Many of the viewers said that the chat wasn’t “how it's meant to be” as Kerry had been given time to digest what had happened in the last three weeks.

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